The Happy List #5

I can't believe my last 'The Happy List' post was back in March! SO many things have made me happy since then, and I kind of regret not recording them. I think my problem with 'happy' things is that I don't realise how happy they make me until I look back on them, ya know? So I don't ever feel they're important enough to talk about at the time. BUT I'm going to rectify this wrong today, by talking about a few things that have made me happy recently!

one. My New Pinterest Boards. I recently created an 'Autumn' and a 'Girly' Pinterest board and I am LOVING spending time on them. I have my usual boards such as personal stylecruelty-free beauty and roomspiration etc but I only have a few boards dedicated to certain themes. My Girly board is full of cute, pretty, pink things and most of the photos on there are from Tumblr and Instagram. I prefer 'real life' kind of photos for this board, such as what people actually bought/wore/had for breakfast and documented. My Autumn board is possibly my favourite looking board EVER and features lots of oranges, blacks, greys and browns. I've also pinned so many cute Halloween treats that I can't wait to re-create.
two. New Lush Bath Bombs. I swear I haven't shut up about these bath bombs since they were released, but I finally got all of the Lush 'Oxford Street' bath bombs! I bought Yoga Bomb, The Experimenter and Frozen in this haul but my local store didn't have Intergalactic. Luckily I managed to get it in the other Lush Bristol store a few days ago, as well as a Bubblegum Lip Scrub for my sister (her birthday present).
three. The Last Pineapples of the Year. A few days ago I put my pineapple bedding on my bed, for what I think is going to be the last time this year! I absolutely adore this bedding - it's so soft, even after a bazillion washes, and I just think it's adorable. But, it's my Summer bedding so come September it'll be put back in the storage cupboard until March. I do have another bedding to replace it with which will be my Autumn bedding, but there's also a set in Primark that I rather like... watch this space!
four. Autumn Décor. Speaking of the Summer-Autumn bedding transition, I've been thinking a lot lately about what my Autumnal bedroom décor is going to be. I'm going to keep the base colours as white and grey, as my favourite blanket is white and grey, but I'm not sure what candles etc to get. I want to go all out this year, and even decorate during October for Halloween! I never really put much effort into my bedroom but this year it's something I've really been enjoying.
five. The Best Nude Lipstick Ever. After a bit of research, I finally picked up a Makeup Revolution lipstick! Some of their lipsticks aren't vegan, but some of them are so it took me a while to distinguish which were and which weren't. A few days ago I picked up the Amazing Lipstick in 'Nude' which is matte and vegan. I've never really been a nude lipstick kinda girl, always reaching for pinks and corals, but I've been wearing this lipstick to DEATH lately.
six. My Instagram. After talking it all out in this post, I've finally got back into the Instagram-swing of things. I'm already thinking about what theme I want to have when Autumn rolls around, but for now I'm really enjoying my bright colour-pop Summer theme. My Instagram is almost like a little hobby for me, as I do think a lot about it and like taking photos for it as much as I like taking blog photos! (@whatlaurendidtoday)
seven. I FINALLY FINISHED CITY OF ASHES. I could almost laugh about this, because how many times have I talked about not finishing this book? But I finally did, and I've started on City of Glass. I actually enjoyed reading City of Ashes, plus I love the characters but I would just put it down and have no urge to pick it back up. I really hope that City of Glass isn't going to be the same, but if it is, it's not too bad because it only cost me 30p.
How has your week been? What little things have made you happy recently?

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  1. Lovely post! I should start doing something like this on my blog! Its so lovely to read! I may have to pick up that nude lipstick, I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude! x


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