February Haul | Primark, Paperchase & Superdug!

Can I just say: HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE MY NEW SHOES? Everyone I know bloody hates them haha, but I adore them. I don't even know how to describe what style of shoe they are, but I think they're gorgeous. I have quite a preppy/simplistic/Spencer Hastings kind of style, and my two purchases from Primark fit my look perfectly. The shoes were £12, and I also bought this black bowler-type hat for £7. I don't suit tighter hats (ie beanies) AT ALL and the floppy hats with wide brims terrify me, but this is the perfect size. Also from Primark I nabbed this gorgeous grey long sleeved top, that has a burgundy lace trim in the sale for £3! Total bargain.

Stationary-wise, I picked up these two supah cute postcards in Paperchase when I bought my boyf's Valentines card. One has a pretty coloured section of the world map on it, the other reads "Creativity never goes out of style" in pink script and is decorated with black and white feathers. I bought these for my photo wall, but I think the quote one is gonna go in a frame on my desk instead. I also picked up two packs of twinpack A4 file-wallet-folder things from Poundland, so I can finally sort out all of my paperwork. I'm going to have a folder for Luna's paperwork, a folder for my old writing, a folder for my college work etc. These were (obviously) a pound per pack.
As for beauty, I finally got around to buying some cruelty free tooth paste. I bought this whitening one from Sainsburys, which was like 65p. I also stopped off in Superdrug and bought three of their sachet face masks, because my skin has been CRAZY recently. My skin is really sensitive but I've been breaking out like there's no tomorrow, and so I wanted some masks to help clear things up. I'll probably review these once I've used them all, so keep an eye out for that post. These were 99p each, but on offer 3-for-2!
Finally, I bought 'The Couples Quiz' for 60p in the Sainsburys Valentines sale. It's basically a little box filled with cards with questions on, and you and your boyf/your friends can have a game and see how well you know each other. I thought it was so cute and for 60, it would have been rude not to really.

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