The High Street Cruelty-Free Hygiene Kit

Hello! Today I thought I'd share with you my little 'Cruelty Free Hygiene Kit'. In my 'kit', I have all of the products that I've switched over to cruelty free, including deodorant, lip balm, body spray, shampoo and shower gel. The only thing I have missing is my toothpaste/mouthwash, because I haven't bought that yet, and I wanted to get a move on and share this post. I also don't have any other skincare products besides my cleanser, as I'm going to use up all the stuff I have left before replacing it.

Shower Gel & Bath Products
For about two years now, the only place I go to get 'bath stuff' is Lush. Sometimes I'll treat myself to a bath bomb (Butterbear featured), but more often than not I'll buy a bubble bar. I find that the bubble bars are a lot better value for money, as you can break off a chunk as big or small as you'd like to use, and you can save the rest for another bath. Photographed: The Comforter (review here). As for shower gel, I currently have one from Lush (Snow Fairy) and one from Superdrug. I find Lush shower gels to be a bit pricey, so if you're looking for a more budget friendly option then I'd totally recommend Superdrug. The one I have is Cranberry & Pomegranate scented, and it smells amazing. You can pick up a shower gel from the Superdrug own brand range from as little as 99p.
Fragrance, I've discovered, is quite a tricky thing to find cruelty-free, at least for a decent price. I do actually have one of the Lush solid perfumes in Karma, which is my favourite vibrant scent, but I didn't put it in the photo, because I'm a total n00b and completely forgot. You can read my review on it here. At the moment, though, I'm loving the Superdrug body sprays - especially the one named Juicy, which is a really nice fruity scent. I also picked up Delicious, which is more of a floral/girly scent. Finally, the boring part: my deodorant. I just bought the Superdrug deodorant in Crystal. It smells quite old-lady, but it does the job!
I've been using the Lush Seanik shampoo bar forever (review here), but two new products in my hair-care routine are the Lush Veganese Conditioner and the Superdrug Dry Shampoo in Wild Times. The shampoo bar gives great texture and subtle volume, whilst using Veganese on the ends of my hair leaves it super soft healthy-feeling. The dry shampoo is alright, although I'm not in love with the scent. Expect a review soon! 
Finally, my three little skincare pieces. I reviewed my Superdrug Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser last week, which you can read here, and I find it works as both a cleanser and gentle exfoliant, so I wont need to buy a face scrub for a while! And my two lip balms are from The Body Shop and M&S. The Body Shop one is a lot thicker and more hydrating and I prefer to use it at night, where-as the M&S one is a bit more oily and is the perfect quick-moisture surge I need before applying lipstick.
So there you have it: my current cf hygiene kit! Literally 99% of it is from Lush or Superdrug, but they're just the shops I've been to recently! I'm planning on taking a trip to M&S and Sainsburys soon, just to have a snoop around what they have to offer, but I'm yet to delve into the online cruelty free stores. I like to physically see what I'm getting before I part with my cash! xx


  1. Love this post! Lush and Superdrug are my go-to shops for cruelty free products too, as well as The Body Shop! The best thing about Lush is you get cruelty free AND luxury - I've tried a few brands that are cruelty free and natural but just don't feel that nice to use! Superdrug is perfect for when you have a bit less cash to splash!

    1. Thank you! I totally see Lush as a kind of 'treat' store - they also do the perfect CF gifts to give too! I really need to head to The Body Shop soon, I love their lip balms and wanna stock up x

  2. Loving this list of cruelty-free products, Lauren! They sound so amazing and look nice too! BodyShop is definitely the place to go to for your new CF lifestyle, and I'm so fascinated by that lip balm! <3 (I hope you got my email, by the way!) Xoxo

    Thoughts in Tiffany Blue

    1. Thank you! The Body Shop is totally on my to-do list, especially because I have some birthday money left over haha! x


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