10 Self Care Ideas

If there's one New Year's resolution that I feel like everyone should make, it's a pledge to self care. I think we're all pretty hard on ourselves and feel like setting aside time to take care of ourselves is self-indulgent and unimportant, when it's actually one of the most necessary things to do for yourself. I have to admit that I struggle with this sometimes - I almost feel like I don't deserve to take time to care for myself - but once I do I feel so much better.
1. Get clean. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, put on some perfume and a clean outfit. Sometimes if I'm having a really hard time, I find it difficult to get out of bed and to just start my day. Something that really helps is just getting ready - I always feel a lot more human when I'm in fresh clothes and have brushed my teeth. You don't have to apply make-up if you don't want to, and if you're not seeing anyone then maybe you could just take a quick shower and change into some clean pyjamas before settling down to read a book!
2. Make a collage of your future plans and dreams. You could do this in a scrapbook, in the form of a sketch, a list or a Pinterest board. I find it's a lot easier to focus on where you're headed if you can visually see everything you're hoping to achieve. You don't have to show anyone this either - so you can pin down exactly what it is you really want.

3. Make something to eat. How about a fruit salad? Cut up the fruits using cute shaped cookie cutters for added loveliness. Pour yourself a tall glass of water and add ice cubes and fun cocktail umbrellas. Throw in some mint leaves or slices of lemon. When you're eating/drinking, try and do it as mindfully as you can. Focus on the textures of the food and the way they feel on your tongue. Focus on the taste and appreciate every bite.
4. Tidy something. Tidy space, tidy mind and all that. I feel SO anxious when my bedroom is a mess - it makes me feel quite claustrophobic and overwhelmed. I always aim to have a little tidy every day so things don't get too out of hand. If you don't have the time/energy/inclination to go on a cleaning spree, why not do something small like sort out your underwear drawer or re-organise your wardrobe?
5. Plan a nice day out in detail. This is even nicer if it's somewhere you can actually go when you're feeling better! I like to check train times and prices for places I'm dying to go, just so when it actually becomes a reality I have some kind of prior knowledge. Read some blog reviews of a restaurant you've been dying to go to, or check the cinema times for next week. Think about what you'd like to wear and what you'll need to pack in your bag. You don't have to set a specific date or deadline for this day - it can just be whenever you feel like it, so there's no pressure.
6. Browse the 'positive' and 'recovery' tags on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Find a quote that means something to you, save it onto your phone and set it as your lock screen.
7. Purge social media. Unfollow every account that makes you feel sad/jealous/bad about yourself in any way. Find new positive, happy accounts to follow. Last year I unfollowed all of the non-cruelty-free Instagram accounts I was following, plus a few celebrities, both on Instagram and Twitter. My feeds are now a more positive place to scroll!
8. Create the ultimate playlist. I actually have two playlists - one for when I want to feel energized and peppy, another for when I want to feel more mellow. Mine include lots of All Time Low, Lorde, Maroon 5, 5 Seconds of Summer and James Bay. (And Nicki Minaj)

9. Start a Happy Jar.  Find yourself an old jar, some paper and a pen. Keep it next to your bed. Every night before you go to sleep, write the date on a strip of paper and write one good thing that happened that day. It could be a really tiny thing, like hearing your favourite song on the radio or your cat coming up to you for a cuddle. If you're a blogger or YouTuber, maybe scribble down a nice comment you received on your latest post/video. Once you've written it, fold up the paper and pop it into the jar. Whenever you feel sad, grab a few out and read them!

10. Try some breathing exercises. I do these when I'm feeling panicky and I really think they help. Just becoming more aware of your breathing can help draw your attention to yourself and your body, and it's an easy way to be mindful. You can do this when sitting at your desk, when on public transport or when lying in bed. You could also do this to music, or even to an app that talks you through it.
Do you have anything to add to this list?


  1. Great post, totally agree about feeling guilty but it is so important. There are some great ideas here.

  2. This is a really great, helpful post with some great tips/advice. I love the idea of the happy jar. Definitely going to try doing that! I also find that a tidy space = a tidy mind, and I always feel better for a tidy-up! My OH is super messy, so he always leaves me with plenty to tidy. Hehe! Great post. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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