November Haulin' | ft Superdrug & H&M

I've been heavy-duty into Christmas shopping recently. I think I'm about 75% done now - I've just got to buy a lot of chocolate! I'm most excited about giving my boyfriend his presents, because I feel like I've done really well with his gifts this year. (I suppose I'll find out on Christmas Day!) BUT in-between all of the gift-shopping, I have picked up a few things for myself and today I thought I'd show ya what I got!

Cat Print Jumper - £5.99, H&M. I've seen this jumper all over social media for bloody ages now, and every time I went into a H&M I would try and track it down but I could never find it. Until last week that is. Weirdly we have two H&M's in town in Bristol, and I always go to the one in Cabot Circus, but this time I went to the regular Broadmead one and spotted this jumper as soon as I walked in the door! I absolutely love it - it's so comfortable to wear.
Black Faux Fur Headband - £1, Poundland. I've never really been one to wear ear muffs or anything similar, but then I saw this faux fur headband in Poundland. I tried it on and it actually looks really nice! Whenever I go to watch my boyfriend play football I put my hair up otherwise the wind blows it around everywhere, and I always complain my ears are cold. Now the crisis has been averted!
Girls Season One - £3.50, CeX. I didn't actually go into CeX intending on buying this, but when I saw it I grabbed it without a second thought. Apparently it's meant to be like a modern Sex and the City which is one of my favourite TV shows ever, so I thought I'd give it a go!
Breaking Dawn: Part One - £2.50, CeX. This is what I was supposed to get in CeX! As I've said a million times, I'm currently re-reading Twilight and also felt like re-watching it, too, but I only had the first 3 films on DVD. So I went to CeX intending on getting Part One and Part Two but only ended up getting the first one.
Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser - £2.99, Superdrug. I've been considering getting this for absolutely ages, so when my Micellar water ran out I picked this up as well as replacing it. I haven't actually tried it yet but will report back once I have an opinion!
Superdrug Shea Crème Bath - £1.39, Superdrug. (I also picked up the 'Muscle Revive' one.) I've been having a ton of Lush baths recently, and I'm literally down to one bath bomb and two halves of bubble bar. So I figured I'd grab a few bottles of regular bubble bath to see me through until Christmas when I'll be getting a restock of Lush! This bubble bath smells incredible and is really moisturising.
Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar - £25 (on sale), Superdrug. I have a whole blog post dedicated to this advent calendar that's coming up within the next few days so keep an eye out for that if you'd like more info on it! All I can say is: I'm literally counting down the days until December 1st now!
How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping?


  1. That cat jumper is just too cute! That advent calendar looks amazing, I would love to see more in depth post on it! X

  2. I really want the advent calendar! My Christmas shopping was going well and I actually got most of my presents in August! But IHaven't bought anything since so need to get a few more bits 😂

    - Jess xxx

  3. I really like Girls but I've never seen SITC so I can't really compare them! So jealous you've done so much Christmas shopping already I am not organised this year, at all!
    Water Painted Dreams

  4. The jumper is so cute! I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet, I have a total lack of ideas. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. Oh that cat jumper! This is the reason I haven't looked in any shops for Christmas presents yet aha. Always good to treat yourself though! I haven't seen Girls, but I've heard loads of good things about it!

  6. Who can go Christmas shopping without picking up any treats for yourself?! No one! Those Superdrug Bubble Bath Foams would be lovely Christmas presents too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


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