Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar 2015

I feel like this post marks something very important in my life: my very first non-chocolate advent calendar! And more specifically, an advent calendar that I actually bought for myself... Wow, much adult.  
I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a beauty/lifestyle advent calendar for years. But aren't they just so expensive?! I could never justify it and was always happy enough to eat my Cadbury's one. That was until,a few weeks ago, when the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar was on offer for half-price on the Superdrug website! Not only was this advent calendar desirable for me because I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution and their cruelty-free and sometimes vegan products, but also because when I decided to become cruelty-free I rehomed 90% of my make-up and I've been living on the bare necessities since then. This advent calendar seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only re-stock my make-up stash, but to add a little excitement to my life!

The packaging is gorgeous as well - it opens up just like a book, and all of the windows are outlined in rose gold. I'm kind of annoyed that each window is the shape of what's hiding inside, as I feel like it spoils the surprise a little bit but oh well.

SO - just what do you get in this magical advent calendar of cruelty-free dreams, I hear you ask? Stashed inside are 25 products, all completely exclusive to this calendar. You get 6 lipsticks, 4 lip glosses, 3 individual eye shadows, 3 baked highlighters, 3 blushes, 5 nail varnishes and a full eye shadow palette on Christmas Day. There's a pretty good variety of shades for each product, so I feel like there's something for everyone inside! As for me, I'll probably be giving the lip glosses to my little sister because I just don't like lip gloss, but everything else I'm fairly certain I'll get use out of. Some more than others, of course. I am planning on doing weekly 'What I Got In My Advent Calendar' posts during December so if you'd like a better look at what's inside, keep an eye out for those posts!
You can get the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar on the Superdrug website for £50 full price. I feel like this is quite expensive for such a budget-friendly brand, but I suppose because all of the products are exclusive they had to up the price a bit. Personally I wouldn't have bought it if it was £50 - I got it for £25!

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