October Goals

Welcome to another monthly goals post! I am writing this whilst wearing mis-matching pyjamas and attempting to wrestle my new kitten off of my keyboard. I am also dreaming of a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a roaring fire (plus a few other autumn clich├ęs). But amidst these dreams I have been tallying up my progress with my September Goals and penning my October ones, so without further ado...
Let's check up on my September Goals!
1. Buy the perfect pair of winter boots. Tick. This goal's tick comes in the form of beautiful black cut-out detailed ankle boots from Primark. They are so damn comfy and I love wearing them with patterned socks, which you can see through the cut out panel! Love.
2. Meet up with friends. Tick. One of my oldest friends popped down a few weeks ago for a little lunchtime chat, which extended into her staying at my house until about 5/6pm! Horray for social Lauren!
3. Write. Ugh. I fail at this so hard! I really need to stop making excuses and just write. (Feel free to send me abusively motivating tweets as encouragement!)
4. Finish my inspiration board. Half-tick. I have decided on the photos to go up and have printed a few out but alas, the wall is still bare.
So as you can see, a half-hearted round of applause is deserved here (one that I sadly gave myself) so hopefully this month I'm gonna knuckle down and get on with things. Let's see what I have planned...
October Goals
1. Think about Christmas presents. I know, I know, it's only October. But I like to plan things in advance so I know what I'm doing. I already have a few ideas in mind, but of course they need to be cross-checked regarding budget and availability! A Christmas present guide will be up eventually on the blog, but I'll spare you that until about November haha!
2. Get Luna vet registered. I have to book my little kitten in for her very first vet check. I also have to make arrangements for her to be micro-chipped and spayed before I even think about unleashing her into the wild (I.e my garden).
3. Look up more recipes. I recently discovered the art of baking banana bread and banana muffins and they went down a treat with my family. I want to scour my many baking books for new interesting recipes to test out on everyone! (If you have a link to any recipes from your blog, please leave a comment with it below!)
4. Review another book. I have dubbed this blog as a lifestyle and book blog and I feel I don't feature enough books as I'd like, so this month I'd like to upload at least one book review!

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