What's In My Makeup Bag (Cruelty-Free)

EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: My entire make-up routine is now completely cruelty-free! I had been using a non-CF foundation up until recently, purely because I couldn't find a vegan foundation that was within my budget, offered a shade that was light enough for me and worked well with my skin. But the day has come and I'm now safe in the knowledge that everything I apply hasn't brought a single ounce of pain to any animal. (P.S Thank you to Brianne for the recommendation!)

:: BASE ::
My current collection of base products includes one foundation and four concealers. Concealers are one of the things that I tend to hoard/buy a lot of, purely because it's something that I wear every single day alongside mascara. I don't always use every product in my make-up bag on one day, but I'll always use a concealer! I have deathly dark circles under my eyes that never really fade, no matter how much sleep I get. Thanks, mum, for sharing! The foundation that I'm using at the moment is the GOSH X-Ceptional Wear foundation and I have the shade Porcelain, which is the lightest shade they offer. I find that the colour match is really good for my skin tone and I like the slightly matte finish. It gives pretty good coverage but isn't heavy or cakey. It's also suitable for vegans! Of the four concealers I have, two are from B., one is from Makeup Academy and the other from Barry M. The two vegan B. concealers have been part of my makeup collection forever and I have a separate review on both of those here if you'd like to hear more about them. One is quite heavy duty and the other is more of a BB concealer but I love them both. The Cover & Conceal concealer in Fair from Makeup Academy is also one that I've had for ages and I tend to use it alone on lazy days to cover any redness or blemishes. It does contain beeswax, though, which is so annoying! Finally the Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting concealer. This is a new addition to my make-up routine & to be honest I haven't decided if I like it or not yet. Paired with the B. Flawless Long Lasting concealer it's great but alone I don't find it does much. It is very brightening, though, and if you're looking for a light coverage concealer then this one would be perfect. It's also vegan!
:: EYES ::
I currently have three mascaras in my make-up bag and one liquid eyeliner. The eyeliner is the Barry M Wink Marker Pen and it is CRAP. Honestly, it isn't black at all it's more like a grey. I've used it once but haven't used it since and don't think I'll ever reach for it again, to be honest. Carrying on with the Barry M products - I have the Showgirl mascara and the Lash Vegas mascara. They're both okay. They're very lengthening, but I like my lashes to be big, thick, black and fluttery and I don't really get this effect with either of these mascaras. I'll continue to use them, obviously, but they haven't stolen my heart. Showgirl unfortunately contains beeswax, but Lash Vegas is vegan friendly! Finally I have the B All Lengthening, Defining and Volumising mascara. Out of the three mascaras I have, this one is my favourite. It's quite a wet formula so it does take a little while to dry, but I like the length and volume it gives my lashes. It's also suitable for vegans.
I only have one lipstick in my make-up bag, which is the Makeup Revolution lipstick in Nude. It's a gorgeous neutral matte shade that I wear pretty much every day and is suitable for vegans! It does sink in to any dryness on your lips, though, so definitely apply a ton of lip balm before you put it on. My blush, highlight and contour needs are catered to through the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Blush Palette (review with swatches here). I use the bottom right shade to contour, the white highlight to highlight (obvs) and the pink shade next to that as a blush. This palette is SO beautiful, both in the pan and when applied to your skin. Plus it's only £6 (and suitable for vegans, of course.) I only use two make-up brushes when I do my make-up, which are both from the Real Techniques Core Collection. I use the Buffing Brush to apply my foundation and the Contour Brush to apply blusher, highlight and to contour. Finally I have two Lush products tucked into my bag - a mini Charity Pot and the Karma solid perfume.
Phew. If you read through this entire post then 10 points to Slytherin for you. I feel like I haven't blogged in ages and typing out so much text feels gooooood. If you'd like reviews/swatches of any of these products individually then let me know and I'll do that for ya! Until next time xoxo


  1. Congratulations!! The GOSH foundation is amazing!! Have you tried the Makeup Revolution concealer? That one is pretty good too! I'm still looking for the perfect cruelty free mascara but you have gave me a couple to try, thank you :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Wow, looks great :D Congratulations on having a full-cruelty-free makeup routune!

  3. I'm so glad you liked that foundation! I'm about to repurchase my third bottle of the stuff and I still haven't found anything on a budget that matches. we have quite a few other products in common too!

    Brianne xo

  4. Yay! Congrats on being 100% cruelty free. Some interesting products I now want to try out - especially the blush palette! x

  5. Awh, I didn't know that Showgirl wasn't vegan :( I thought it was, that's a shame because I absolutely love it. Boo.

  6. I've just got to this point too, congrats! The Barry M concealer is a lifesaver and if you're struggling to find a good mascara I'd highly recommend the MUA Mega Volume one, it's only £3 as well!!


  7. I'll have to check out that GOSH foundation - it's so difficult to find a good cruelty-free base product that's not particularly expensive! I own the Makeup Revolution lipstick in Nude and I agree that it's a lovely shade :) xx



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