Little Lifestyle Changes

Challenging anxiety one step at a time...

Wake up at 7.30am, get out of bed by 8.15am.  
My anxiety levels tend to spike in the evening and I've noticed that recently it's been triggered around the time that the sun goes down. I'm always more anxious in the dark and for the past few weeks I haven't been seeing nearly enough day light, generally because I wouldn't get out of bed until midday and I wouldn't go sleep until like 2am. To combat this I've set myself a new sleeping routine - I'm always awake by 7.30am and I'm in bed ready to sleep at 11pm. I can't even tell you how helpful this has been for me. The sun is just beginning to rise when I wake up so I've witnessed the prettiest sun rises, and it means I'm soaking up every second of sunlight that each day offers. I'm always tired at night now, too, which is so helpful as I'm always anxious about going to sleep and it just means I can get into bed and fall asleep without having time to think.
No social media after 9pm.  
Again, this ties in to how fragile my mental state gets in the evening. My mind just seems to be very impressionable and isn't as rational as it usually is, so I switch off social media at 9pm on the dot and put my phone on charge out of my reach. Instagram, YouTube and Twitter were huge triggers for my self-esteem taking a nose dive and I've become a lot happier within myself by giving myself a cut-off time. It also gives me time to do some more relaxing things in the evening, such as reading, taking a bath, doing my skincare routine and colouring. I have to admit I do have the urge to go onto Twitter sometimes, mostly because I try to convince myself I'll be okay and wont get upset but I know that I'm probably lying to myself haha!
Leave the house every single day.
Just typing that makes me feel nervous, but it's something that needs to be done. Even if I just walk to the top of my road and back, or maybe I'll just go and sit on the steps in the woods for five minutes, I need to get out of the house. I haven't made it out for the past few days and I can feel myself going stir-crazy, I'm desperate to be outside. A few days ago I took an old sheet out into the back garden and sat on top of it on my sister trampoline and did some mindfulness meditating and it made me feel so refreshed.
Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'm finally beginning to eat three meals a day again (I could barely manage one before Christmas) and it's helped so much with my daily routine and is allowing my life to feel a bit more structured. I wasn't really a breakfast person until I discovered peanut butter on wholegrain toast and now it's literally become one of the highlights of my day. Eating three meals at the same time daily is also helping a lot with my IBS and acid reflux issues, plus I'm not snacking as often which is perfect as my snacks are never healthy!
Alongside these four things, I've also been putting a lot of effort into crystal healing, yoga and mindfulness meditations. I've always wanted to take a more holistic approach when treating my anxiety, and paired with the anti-depressants I've been put on I feel like I'm striking a good balance. Some days are still really difficult but I'm getting there.


  1. aww! It is good to hear that you are making changes that are helping you lead a happier life! I really need to start getting out the house more at weekends i often don't go anywhere x

  2. Aww so glad to hear that the changes you are making are making you happier! This a really great idea too to help overcome anxiety. If you don't mind, I might pinch a few of these to help with my anxiety? I'm sure the sleeping routine and no social media one would prove helpful to me! Great post hun. x x

  3. These are really great ideas!! Especially turning off the computer by 9pm every night. I might have to start doing that myself!

    Renee | Lose the Road

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    1. Ooh I deleted it! Hi :) I really like this post as I'm really anxious too! But I don't talk about it. I like your blog! thank you. xx

  5. These sound like really great changes to make. I hope it helps you for the long-term; it sounds like it is helping you so far. I need to start cutting off my computer time in the evenings actually. It really disrupts my sleeping pattern although for other reasons!


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