4 Ways To Support Your Favourite Blogger

Re-useable cotton pads: The Crocheting Chemist // Custom Illustration: Dorkface.
1. Follow Them On Bloglovin' Blogging isn't all about the numbers, but if your favourite blogger is trying to make it full-time then the number of followers they have on different platforms is really important to companies wanting to work with them. I'm SO guilty of not following blogs on Bloglovin', but it's usually because I always read their posts via Twitter. I now make a conscious effort to follow all of my favourites!

2. Interact With Them. Leave a comment on their latest post, send them a Tweet, like their photo on Instagram. The best way for a blogger to know what kind of content their readers enjoy is through the interaction levels (at least it is for me), so if you love their latest post then let them know! They'll be able to take your likes and dislikes into account when planning their posts for next month/week. Plus it's the best thing ever when someone says they like something you've spent a lot of time on.
3. Let Other People Know About Them. You can do this by creating a blogroll, by retweeting their posts on Twitter or even by mentioning them in your next monthly favourites. I love raving about my favourite bloggers to people, and I'm so incredibly grateful and awed that some other people have even raved about me. (P.S whilst we're here, my favourite blogger ever ever is Michelle from Daisybutter, but I'm sure you already knew that!)
4. Check Out Their Etsy. Even if it's not an option for you to buy anything from their store, check out their Etsy (if they have one). I've bought a custom illustration from Jemma from Dorkface, and a set of reuseable cotton pads from Hayley at Water Painted Dreams and I love that I have these fab things whilst helping out some of my faves! Even if you simply retweet one of their promoting tweets, it's a great way to help them out.


  1. I always try to retweet my favourites or any posts I think are amazing. same as you though, i need to keep my bloglovin up to date and follow all the amazing bloggers i have on twitter! fab tips x


  2. I love it when people interact with each other through blogs, because it's like one huge opinion sharing support community <3

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Such an important post as sharing the love is such a great thing to do, think I might buy something from Dorkface's etsy soon. She's so talented! x


  4. It is so important to support your favourite bloggers! I always try to comment as much as possible and follow all my favourite blogs.
    It is the nicest feeling when you get support for your blog so it's equally important to reciprocate!

    Bethan Likes

  5. Love this post Lauren! I always try to share posts I've enjoyed and share the blog love :) The comments I get really make my day and I still remember individual ones from ages ago that continue to inspire and motivate me with blogging.

  6. what a lovely and thoughtful post! Sharing is caring <3


  7. Lauren!! This post made me smile - I only just spied my little mention. So so lovely of you. I'm definitely an advocate of sharing the love with my favourite bloggers. I think every comment has the potential to make the recipient smile so I try and comment on as many as I can. I made a little Bloglovin 'collection' (god, aren't those confusing?!) for 'just because' posts, because as you mentioned although numbers aren't everything, a 'save' can go a long way for those looking to get bigger! xx

  8. I'm so happy to see theese tips! I've just recently stepped up my blogging-game, and reading tips has really helped me a lot :D I try to always comment, because I love getting comments myself, and want to give others that too :D

    PS: I love this book + cat lady thing you've got going on. Makes me smile :D


  9. This is so it makes me happy ti see this because these days it seems to be all about "me me me" and no one really supports anyone anymore



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