Bookshelf Tour 2015

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally doing a bookshelf tour! It wasn't until the end of last year that I even had a bookshelf, my books were just piled up in every corner of my room with no home & in no particular order which annoyed the hell out of me. I'm a bit shy to be showing you guys this, actually, mostly because all of the other bookshelf tours I've seen are beautifully displayed and consist of about 4 separate shelving units. I only have one unit, partly because my bedroom is too small for two, partly because I hide away all of the other books I own that I haven't read for a long time. I'm not 100% sure where this unit is from, but here is a very similar one from Ikea. I'm going to replace this shelf with a plain white one eventually, but I don't see the point in doing that until this one is un-useable! It's the eco warrior inside me. I might attempt to cover it in sticky-back white plastic, but we shall see.

I have three separate shelves on my bookshelf, but I also use the top to store some of my favourite books. I keep those books wedged between a set of book ends I bought at TK Maxx last year. Sitting on my book ends are my little crochet Squirtle and a bunch of random crystals. At the other end, I have a ring holder from Poundland, a candle from Poundland and The Tales of Beedle The Bard by JK Rowling on display. I just thought it was such a pretty cover, and it tied in nicely with the colour scheme of the other books that sit up here.
The first shelf holds all of my favourite book series, including The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien and the Selection by Kiera Cass trilogy. My copies of Clockwork Prince & Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare are special editions which come with extra content, but it means they don't match the height of my Clockwork Angel which drives me insane. Also my copies of Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth are both different, which I also hate, but I'm going to repurchase the entire series in the same edition as soon as I get around to buying Alleigant! I have a little Daenerys POP! figure and a miserable looking Jon Snow standing at either end of the shelf, along with two random crystals that I don't know the names of. Sitting on top of my books is my Hermione replica wand in its case!
The second shelf holds some of my contemporary books which are all stacked sideways just because I think it looks nice! To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han is a new addition to my bookshelf, which I'm enjoying both for it's content and for it's colourful spine. A lot of my books are black, so it makes a nice change! Next to my contemporaries are my dystopian/vampire/fantasy-ish books. Some of these are the first book in a series like Slated by Teri Terry and Matched by Allie Condie, others are half-completed series like The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I have one stand-alone which is Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. Decorating this shelf is my Me To You bear & a little Minecraft Steve tucked away behind him. I also have more crystals, as well as MORE tucked away in a little heart shaped ramekin I got from Sainsburys.
The third and final shelf holds a random assortment of books. I have a few historial fictions, like The Book Thief and The White Queen. I also have a few old vampire books, mostly by LJ Smith. I have a couple of 'modern' books, such as My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult and The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. Finally, I have a couple of 'adult fiction' books, including the Belle De Jour diaries and the first three books in the Crossfire series.
Phew! I hope that you liked this post. I love reading bookshelf tours, partly because I'm nosy and want to see what books people own, and partly because I love seeing how others store their books. I've tried to organise them by author's last name and also by colour, in the past but I think that ordering them by genre works best for me!
Have you done a bookshelf tour before? Leave me a link in the comments, I'd love to check it out! xx


  1. Your bookshelf is so cute. I have two and I'm beginning to run out of space. Its ridiculous!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Thank you (: I have to be super selective about the books I want to put on my shelf and the ones that go up in the attic! I can bring myself to get rid of any haha x

  2. I love bookshelf tours, and I love the you've used the top of the shelf too, it looks great! I'm a fan of white shelves too, but I really like the wood, so I wouldn't worry about it, its a nice bright colour :)


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