Bristol Cathedral


Last week my boyfriend and I took a trip into town for a touch of Christmas shopping (and a visit to the comic shop where I nearly fainted at the sight of the LOTR/Harry Potter merch) and on our way to the top of Park Street, we walked past Bristol Cathedral. After a few comments about how giant/pretty it was, we both realised that we'd never actually been inside. And so in true tourist fashion, we pulled out our cameras and studied the beauty inside. (Upon entering the Cathedral, we asked permission before taking photos - we were allowed!) 
I'm not really a religious person, but it was such a beautiful place - filled with such history, which you could see etched right into the walls. The ceilings were so grand and extravagant and the people who work/volunteer there were so lovely. I lit two candles at one of the alters, one for my Granddad and one for my Nan who both passed away. I also flicked through the 'guest book' and read entries from people who spoke/wrote in so many different languages.
It's definitely worth a visit!


  1. It looks so beautiful! Definitely want to visit this place one day. Love your blog too! Your style of writing is so relatable. :)

    Colorful Closets

  2. It looks beautiful there, if I ever find myself in Bristol again I will deffo check it out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. what a gorgeous place! cathedrals and churches are so pretty!



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