New Bedroom Storage

One of my favourite places to scour for hidden gems is Home Bargains. The make-up selection is a bit outdated & useless, but their home décor pieces are gorgeous. I find that the best place to look (other than, obviously, the home décor section) is the kitchen section. They have all sorts of cute little dishes and plates, as well as pretty glass storage jars - which is what I'm going to show you today.

Firstly, I bought this little jar that has an airtight lid and a twisted effect on the glass. I got this for £1, which is such a bargain, and played around with it for a little while before I decided on it's current use: storing my lip balms. I have a large collection of lip balms, but my favourite brand is Lip Smacker and in this jar I storage all of the ones I currently own by them (aside from the few lingering in my bag). I love how it looks and means they can be put on display!

My next bargain buy is this medium-sized screw lid jar. I think it's meant to be used for tea or coffee storage, but I use it to store my tea lights! I do actually own two of these and use the other one for collecting loose change and arrange the two on either side of my bedside table. This jar was £1.50 which is a crazy cheap price, but I'm not complaining! I chose the pink lidded ones, as the colour ties in nicely with my bedroom, but they also had ones with pale blue lids.
I love these little jars! So cute & such bargains, too. What do you guys think?


  1. Lovely & useful pieces! I will have to check home bargains out :)

    Style Sunrise


    1. Thank you :) & definitely, you never know what you can find! x

  2. The glass jar is so cute, such a nice way to keep all your lip balms.
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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