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If there's one part of my beauty stash that was completely depleted when I decided to become cruelty-free, it was my perfume collection. I've never really been an avid wearer of perfume - I was always more of a body spray/mist kinda gal - but I have to admit, I have missed the option of spritzing myself with something a bit more special. So when I was given the opportunity to review a few perfumes from the Library of Fragrance, I jumped at the chance.

The Library of Fragrance is a brand that offers pretty much any perfume scent you can think of... including things such as dirt, grass, cucumber and pizza. They also have a scent named 'Paperback' which would be the perfect Christmas gift for the book lover in your life! I was really tempted by loads of them - especially chocolate chip cookie - but in the end decided to stick to fragrances I knew I'd like, and chose Apple Blossom and Sex on the Beach. I also received Pixie Dust, as the lovely lady I spoke to thought I'd like it!  

As it turns out, Pixie Dust* is my favourite of three, and possibly one of my favourite perfumes ever. It smells exactly how you'd imagine something named 'Pixie Dust' to smell - sparkly, sweet and pink. It kind of reminds me of raspberry lemonade, but with added sweetness. I can still smell it hours after I apply it, even if I've been out in the wind. My boyfriend always comments on it too. Apple Blossom* is my second favourite. It's a very crisp, fresh scent which I imagine would be perfect for Spring time. It's delicately floral, which I really like, as I don't particularly enjoy floral perfumes. I think it's the juicy undertones of apple that really makes the scent lovely. I don't find that I notice the scent of this one as long after application as I do Pixie Dust, but it might just be because it is a much more gentle scent. Finally, I have Sex on the Beach*, which is inspired by the cocktail. I can definitely smell the fruit in this one, but it's also quite deep and heavy, I think because of the alcohol element. I feel this one is a lot more grown up compared to the other two, and would be the perfect summer holiday scent.

Overall, I'm incredibly excited over the new additions to my perfume collection! Pixie Dust is something I've been wearing almost every single day since I received them, although I'm sure it'll have to make room for Apple Blossom come Spring! All three of these fragrances  are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. In fact, every perfume from the Library of Fragrance is suitable for vegans! You can find the Library of Fragrance perfumes in Boots or online for £15.

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  1. Paperback sounds right up my street! I think I'd also like the scent of Sex On The Beach (I love the cocktail!) although I reckon you're right when you say that it'd be more suited to summer :) xx


  2. I would be all over Pixie Dust, it sounds exactly like my sort of thing! I really need to try this brand out, heard so many good things!


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