The Happy List #2

It's been around a month since my last The Happy List post, and quite a few things have happened that have made me very happy, so I thought I'd write up another one! I'm kind of in denial about the fact that it's four days until Christmas, because I'm so ridiculously impatient and it'll drive me insane knowing that it's so close. But I AM very excited. I just can't wait for everyone to open the presents I've bought them!

one. The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. Ohmahgod. This film. After watching Mockingjay Part One & hating it, I thought that I was doomed to hate this film too, but I absolutely loved it! It was a typical 'LOTR Last Film' ie there was loads of action, and it was so lovely/sad to see all of the story-lines tied up. It's kind of upsetting to know that this is the last time I'll visit Middle Earth in film (outside of re-watches), but I think that this movie was beautiful. I really liked all of the little added extras that hinted towards the LOTR Trilogy, like the mention of Aragorn and how the end scene opened up straight into The Fellowship. It was a definite 5/5 film!
two. Beating My Anxiety. Since my last post, I have attended two art therapy classes and I stayed down town shopping all on my own! It may not seem like a big deal, but I haven't been able to stay calm in town for literal months, and I'm so bloody proud of myself. I even got the bus home on my own, and whilst I panicked quite a bit I managed to keep it under control.
three. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I've been totally obsessed with Animal Crossing again lately. I've been re-decorating my house, putting up my Christmas tree, building town projects and snowmen - you name it. There's just something so relaxing about lying under a blanket with Luna curled up next to me, drinking a mug of tea and playing AC. If you have  3DS, add my friend code! 3711 - 8550 - 9838.
four. Being Given a Celebration in Lush Because The Queue Was So Long. I went into Lush the other day to buy my boyfriend a bath bomb for Christmas, and the queue was massive, so the staff came round with a box of celebrations and let everyone have one to say sorry about the wait. It's little things like this that make me love Lush so much.
five. Guest Posting. I wrote up my very first guest post for Emily's blog Good Girl Gone Brum. I talked about my new Christmas tradition! You can read the post here. I was so nervous to talk to a bunch of readers that weren't mine, but it was so much fun, and Emily was so lovely to work with. It also means I've ticked another thing off of my Blogging Bucket List!
six. Wrapping Christmas Presents. I've always sucked at wrapping presents, but this year I've put a bit more effort in and I actually kind of enjoy it. I bought ribbons and bows to decorate the gifts with, and gold glittery gift tags. I also kind of bought Luna a few gifts and wrapped them up, and signed the gift tag from 'Mummy & Daddy'. Don't judge haha.
So those are six more things that have made me happy recently! I hope you've had a lovely month, and are looking forward to Christmas! I have a few more things to wrap up, and then I'm ready to go. How are you guys doing? Let me know if you leave your Christmas wrapping until the last minute too - all I've seen on Instagram lately is nicely wrapped presents! xx


  1. Animal crossing was literally my life as a kid and this post has made me want to pick it up again!!!
    Also, the bit about Lush is so unbelievably sweet, what a fab company,

    Love, Lucy

    1. Me too! I hadn't played it for such a long time until last Christmas, when I got a 3DS so I could play New Leaf!

      & I know aren't they sweet? I was so surprised by it, but I think it shows just how amazing their customer service is x

  2. Haha I just made a post today about Animal Crossing!

    And yes, wasn't the hobbit amazing? I'm so sad it's over though! I can't wait to check out the extended edition though. I hope they have more of Baorn fighting in the battle!

    1. I know I read it just after I finished this post haha :)!

      Aw, yeah I was so happy to see Baorn's little cameo in the battle! I really want to get all of the LOTR extended editions. x

  3. That ornament is just beautiful! Love it :)


  4. I'm so happy for you for beating the anxiety and going through art (and retail) therapy, I hope it goes nowhere but better for you and am wishing you all the best this Christmas! (Really beautiful post btw) Xoxoxo


    1. Aw, thank you so much! Same to you lovely xx


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