My Week #3

I dyed my hairrrr! // fostering some baby chickens // my boyfriend & I at the fun fair // Lush bubble bars // beautiful beach sunset // ingredients for my curry recipe

I've kind of noticed that I do these posts every two weeks rather than posting them once a week. I think it's because I'm not really an avid photographer and my life really isn't that exciting at the moment, so I never have enough pics to fill up one post a week.
Last week marked my second ever non-family holiday. My boyfriend and I took a short four day break down to the sea side from the 1st of July, returning on the 5th. The weather was generous and there was plenty to do - with the pool available all day and the fun fair and beach a mere two minute walk away from where we were staying. But what was truly amazing was the sunset on the first night - we trecked down to the beach each night to watch the sunset together (so soppy, I know haha) but the first night there were hardly any clouds and the sky was all pink and aahh. There'll be a link to my photo diary from my holiday at the bottom of this post :)
New additions to my life include bizarrely coloured hair and three baby chickens. I dyed my hair on Thursday night and the colour was meant to be purple, but the red-tones in my hair turned it into a bit of a pink/plum/burgundy shade. Not what I wanted at all, but I'm growing to accept it. The chicks came home with my mum from work on Friday - she works in a school and the current school project involve these little chicks, so we fostered them over the weekend. They are so cute and really fluffy and they're steadily growing used to me sticking my hand in the cage to change their water. From the picture, starting from the left: the pale yellow is named Sunni, the darker yellow in the middle is named Aztec and the darker one is called Penguin. You can't really tell from this photo, but Penguin is actually a really dark grey colour, which is why I named her that! Aztec got her name because she's the first one of the three for feathers to sprout on her wings, and they have a bit of an aztec-y pattern to them. Sunni's name is due to her bright yellow colour!
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