15 What Lauren Did Today Posts To Revisit

Recently I took a little trip down memory lane and spent an evening rereading a bunch of my old blog posts. I started What Lauren Did Today back in the summer of 2014 and I've posted pretty consistently since then, meaning I had a lot of content to reminisce over. It was so interesting/funny to see the way my photography, writing style and topic preference has evolved over the past two years and I'm ever so proud of my little corner of the internet. Not only has my skill grown (imo, who knows maybe I'm getting worse) but my follower count has slowly crept up and I feel like there's a few posts hidden in the depths of my archives that recent readers may not have experienced yet. So today I thought I'd share with you 15 different blog posts personally plucked from my 2014-215 archives!
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3 Tips For Relieving Anxiety - 19th J u l y 2014. I've been very upfront about my anxiety ever since I started this blog but this was the first post I ever dedicated specifically to mental health. At the time of me writing this I had just started my first round of CBT counselling and decided to share three of the tips I'd learned so far.
 Bristol Harbour Festival Photo Diary - 21st J u l y 2014. A quick little photo diary sharing all of my snaps from the Bristol Harbour Festival. I actually really like these photos despite the fact that I took them on my iPhone 4!
Wreck This Journal #1 - 15th S e p t e m b e r 2014. My very first Wreck This Journal post! I'm now up to #6 in this sporadic series and I'm so glad I decided to start sharing it. This post contains one of my very favourite pages from my Wreck This Journal!
Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar - 2nd N o v e m b e r 2014. A review of my beloved Lush Seanik shampoo bar. Just like with the photo diary, I actually really like the photos in this post! I think my 2014 photos were really hit-and-miss because I wasn't sure what I was doing and I was still using my iPhone's camera but some of them are alright! Admittedly my writing style wasn't particularly outstanding but I wouldn't feel right about going back and editing it now!
Nandos, Park Street | The Beanie Burger18th D e c e m b e r 2014. Another first - my very first vegetarian restaurant review! I went to Nandos with my dad, tried the Beanie burger and shared my thoughts on it along with a little bit of info about the other Nandos veggie options.
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Tips For Charity Shopping - 6th J a n u a r y 2015. This is actually one of my favourite blog posts ever. I'm not really sure why but I'm just really proud of it and I feel like it was one of the first posts that introduced another aspect of my personality - the bargain hunting, eco-friendly side, that is. Plus I just think that it's actually really useful & helpful?! Gawd, my ego is growing over here guys.
My Literary Bucket List - 2nd A p r i l 2015. A quick, cute list sharing all of the fictional things I dream of doing. Includes taking a tour of my Slytherin common room, spending time doing various things with my favourite fictional characters and visiting District 4.
My Experience Contacting The Samaritans UK - 15th A p r i l 2015. A post that left me feeling quite vulnerable but an important one none-the-less. I shared my experience contacting the Samaritans by email. The Samaritans is a service that offers one-to-one support via the telephone or email for anyone that needs it. I personally used it because of my anxiety.
Postcards From Somerset - 10th J u n e 2015. Another photo diary! This time from the holiday I took with my Dad last June. I love all of the photos that I took and just scrolling through the post and looking at them all makes me so very happy.
Rings For Tiny Hands - 18th J u n e 2015. I have the tiniest little hands and really struggle to find rings from the high street that fit me properly so I decided to throw together a little guide sharing my tips & favourite places to buy tiny rings for anyone else struggling!
The Mad Hatters Tea Party - 25th A u g u s t 2015. Oooops, another photo diary! This one is from my little sister's 8th birthday, when my mum and I threw her a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I shared a whole bunch of photos and some tips/tricks for other people planning a similar thing!
10 Self-Harm Alternatives - 1st S e p t e m b e r 2015. To mark my one-year-self-harm-free milestone I shared 10 alternatives to self-harm to hopefully help other people struggling.
Top 10 Harry Potter Book Quotes - 12th O c t o b e r 2015. Aw I love this post! There are so many witty/sarcastic quotes that I can't help but laugh at and others that are very poignant and wise. JK Rowling's writing is just magical, no?
4 Ways To Support Your Favourite Blogger - 14th O c t o b e r 2015. Blogging is all about the community and in this post I shared four ways you could help support your favourite blogger. I'm actually really proud of this post!
How To Use Lush Bubble Bars - 8th N o v e m b e r 2015. I feel like Lush solid products are really confusing to use once you first try them and in this post I shared my experiences of using two different methods to use a bubble bar.
And now we've reached 2016! As you can probably tell, most of my favourite posts sprung up in 2015 but I do have a soft spot for novice Lauren's 2014 offerings. I really hope this post doesn't come across as me bragging or being big-headed - I'm just really proud of these posts and wanted to share them with you (again)!


  1. Wow! Some great posts there. Such a nice blog!


  2. Ah! I love this post! I'm off to revisit some old posts.
    Do you mind if I write a similar post?
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  3. Oh this is such a lovely idea! It makes me realise just how long I've been following you here! Oh and that How To Lush post actually changed my life hahah!


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