Spring Primark Haul

I told myself a few months ago that if I ever managed to make it into town and into Primark again (which I sincerely doubted) that I could buy myself whatever the hell I wanted once I was there. And I took that promise very seriously, as I discovered when I was at the till and the sales assistant told me my grand total was £100. Oops. In my defence I didn't just buy things for myself: I bought a top for my brother, a few tops and pairs of shoes for my sister and a couple of things to put away for Luke's birthday in May. But all that aside I did treat myself to a bunch of stuff that I am SO so happy with.

Well.. where should I begin?! I guess I'll just list off the things I bought for Matt, Luke and Leigh because I don't have any up close shots of them... I picked Leigh three t-shirts: one covered in cute perfume bottles, one that says 'Style Icon' and a hot pink one that says 'This Is My Outfit Of The Day' in white writing. I also got her two pairs of shoes for school but she took them with her today so I couldn't photograph them! Her t-shirts were £1.90 each and her shoes were £3.50 each. For Matt I just got him one t-shirt, a black one with an illustration of Berlin's buildings outlined in white. It was £3. For Luke, I got two Marvel t-shirts for £5 each, a set of iPhone camera lenses for £5, some coloured laces for his football boots for £1 and an Avengers iPhone case in the sale for £2. All of that is to put away for his birthday! Now moving onto my stuff...
I picked up quite a few clothing items, mostly basics but with two 'statement' pieces. I was in desperate need for some new trousers as I recently gave away all of my thick denim jeans because I HATE the feel of denim. So to replace the ones I'd lost I bought these two pairs of jeggings. I don't think they're denim, they're more like soft material made to look like denim which I definitely prefer. These were £7 each. I also picked up a basic grey swing dress for £5 that has really pretty strap detailing on the back and two t-shirt style crop tops from the kid's section. The crop tops were £2 each and I got them to pair with this ADORABLE black and white daisy print pinafore that I got for £13. It has thick straps, a cute little pocket on the front and cinches in at the waist before fanning out into a semi-pleated skater skirt. I cannot wait to wear this! Finally I picked up this off-the-shoulder striped crop top which is also from the kid's section, which cost me £4.
Accessories-wise, I picked up a pair of shoes, a pack of hairbands for £1 and three pairs of sunglasses. The shoes were just £5, which I think is fab considering the 'basic' black dolly shoes they do are just £5. The pretty details on these shoes are totally worth the extra £1 to me! As for the sunglasses... well I only really needed one pair but I couldn't decide which I liked the best and the reminder that I could buy whatever I wanted came to mind so I got them all. The bottom pair are rose gold framed and the lenses aren't as shaded as the other two, but I adore the quirky hexagon shape. I can't wait to rock these with an all black outfit and a slick of red lipstick. These were £2. The round-frame pair are really similar to a pair I wanted last year but I wasn't brave enough to get them... this time around I thought "screw it" and got them. They were £3. Finally the kind of cat-eye-ish pair are the pair I feel I'll get the most wear out of, purely because I feel like they're easier to wear because of their classic shape. They were £2.
Finally I picked up just two things from the homeware department: a bedding set and this gorgeous crochet dreamcatcher. The bedding actually also features dreamcatchers as a design and I love how bright and colourful it is. I can't wait to put this onto my bed, and I know I'll definitely be switching between this set and my pineapple set until Autumn!
PHEW! Well, that's everything! I'm so so so happy with everything that I got. I think my favourite purchases are the sunglasses, the dream catcher, the daisy print pinafore and the striped crop top.


  1. You picked up some amazing bits!i love those rainbow sunglasses! I am sure you will look really cool in them xx

  2. That pinafore is so cute, I love the bedding you picked aswell! The Primark where I live is a bit naff, I can never seem to find anything in there. A £100 spend isn't too bad either, especially seeing how much you bought. Everyone should treat themselves now ad again!


  3. You make me want to go shopping now!! I wish we had a Primark around here, the prices sound incredible! Loving that duvet set, I need to get a new one myself.

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. I LOVE the crochet dream catcher, did you happen to see it in any different colours? I like the idea of those mobile phone lenses as well. Such a great idea!!!

    lots of love,

  5. Lots of fab stuff in this haul! Love the dreamcatcher, and the bedding set. I feel a trip to Primark coming on! Haha x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  6. I love everything that you bought, especially the pinafore and the duvet set!!

    - Jess xxx


  7. You got so much for the money. The pinafore is really pretty, I'd love to see it styled. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  8. So many awesome things! That daisy pinafore dress is sooo cute! I'm not sure I could pull it off, but I'm definitely gonna keep an eye out to try it on haha! I keep looking at the Primark bedding because I want a new set, but my local is pretty small and only has a few designs. They do some gorgeous home stuff don't they?!

  9. I really want that dream catcher!! Xx

    Emily | www.emilyrhodes.co.uk


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