The Gratitude Journal #1

I like making lists. Lists of books that I want to buy, lists of my favourite snacks to eat, lists of places I want to visit before I die. I find list writing very therapeutic and clarifying for my mind. This is mostly because it's an extraction of information, but also because I like to see things listed neatly and in an organised way. I write a post called The Happy List most months where I share little happy things that have happened to me recently but another list I'd like to start keeping regularly is a list of things I'm grateful for. I was going to do this in a notebook but then I thought: why not share it with you?

1. I'm grateful for my house, my bed and my warm clothes in this cold weather. Very basic but such important things to remember. It's bloody freezing in England at the moment and every night I get into bed, with the rain lashing at my windows, I'm so grateful that I'm not outside in the cold.
2. I'm grateful for my family, who understand my anxiety. I don't think I've ever really thought about how lucky I am that my family understands mental health issues. If I go to my mum/boyfriend and say "I walked to the shop by myself today." they know that this is a huge deal and celebrate with me instead of being like "well yeah, that's easy." I have received some horrible, hurtful comments from a lot of my family but those closest to me are understanding and I don't ever want to take that for granted. I haven't been to my dad's house since Boxing Day and instead of being annoyed by me constantly cancelling our plans he's been really supportive.
3. I'm grateful for my Netflix subscription. Luke pays for our his Netflix membership, bless him, and he lets me use it on my Xbox.
4. I'm grateful for you. Yep, YOU RIGHT THERE. Very sorry if this is too much PDA for ya, but I'm very grateful for my readers. You're all just so nice to me and say such nice things. I know that you don't have to and the fact that you'd take ten seconds out of your day to like my Instagram selfie or comment on my latest post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. YUCK.
What are you grateful for? List 4 things in the comments, I'd love to read them!


  1. This is such a lovely post, I loved reading it.

    This 4 things I'm most (?) grateful for have got to be: My family & friends, my dog, my health & the opportunities I've got to improve it, and technology. All of the technology!

    Maxine, xo

  2. Brilliant idea to share with us! I'm grateful for: Being sheltered and warm every night, the fact I have a well paying job on little hours, the freedom that comes with being a woman in a western society and being able to choose a vegan lifestyle.

  3. Lovely post - a great idea! I'm grateful for ;
    1. A full fridge - so many go hungry, or can't afford to buy the food they'd like. I'm so lucky I'm able to do that!
    2. My job - I'd not worked for nearly 2 years, or maybe more than 2 years thinking about it, before I got this job last December. I'm so grateful to be working, and earning my own money!
    3. My cat. I don't think I need to elaborate, really!
    4. Good music - always makes me feel better when my anxiety/depression is causing me a problem!
    x x


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