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I've been thinking a lot about my reading tastes recently. It was Bee's post that sparked the topic, and I've found it v interesting to think about what I really like in a book. Because it turns out that I'm very fussy and won't even bother looking at a book that doesn't offer at least two of the following things...

♥ First person narrative.
 Young adult genre, always.
 Anything to do with royalty.
 Especially if the main character is a princess.
Light hearted dystopia.
Platonic bromance.
 Sarcastic characters.
 Badass female characters.
 Protagonists with mental health issues.
♥ More specifically, protagonists with anxiety.
 Romance the builds through-out the entire book.
Cute, fluffy romance.
Dark, intense romance.
Anything set within the Victorian era.
 ♥ Female characters that go after what they want.
♥ Female characters that don't shy away from sex and sexuality.
Tortured souls.
 ♥ Beautiful, lyrical writing that actually makes sense.
♥ Conversational writing.
 ♥ Secondary characters that actually have personality.

What do you look for in a book? Do you have any recommendations for me based on my reading taste?

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  1. Obviously WUthering Heights, Dracula and Jane Eyre if you haven't read them! But I have a very similar taste to you - if you haven't read Girl, Interrupted or All the Light we Cannot See

    Steph -


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