Saturday Share #3 | The Festive Edition

As the days go by and we get closer to Christmas, I can feel myself growing more and more impatient. I can't wait for all of the family time and food and of course, gift giving. I know I've said this a million times but I really just want to give everyone the presents I've gotten them. Especially my boyfriend and mum! And my sister, and my dad and my brother... Ahem. So. The point I was trying to get across is that today is Saturday and it's close to Christmas so I thought I'd throw together another Saturday Share. Only this time it's the Festive Edition!

 Of course I have to feature the Queen of Lush in this post: Victoria has reviewed every single Christmas bath bomb/bubble bar from Lush on her blog recently, so if you're still undecided on what bath bomb you're going to use on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day check out her posts! I love that she shows you what the bath bomb/bubble bar actually looks like once it's in the water, and her photos are always beautiful!
Imogen recently shared 5 Things to do for Charity this Christmas, all of which can be done on almost every budget. I think it's important to give back to the world at Christmas, as not everyone is so fortunate and even a tiny donation of food or money could really help someone out.
  I've already done all of my Christmas shopping, but if you're still searching for gift ideas then look no further than Yasmina's cruelty-free gift guides For Her and For Him. All of the gifts featured are cruelty-free, and most of them are vegan, too!

 As I'm sure most of you have, I've been watching a ton of Vlogmas videos recently! I love Zoella's, Sammi Maria's, Kate Snooks', Zoe London's, Lily Melrose's, Becca Rose's... and Rhianna from Robowecop's first instalment of her Weekly Vlogmas series!

 I'm renovating my town on Animal Crossing: New Leaf at the moment, and one of the Tumblr pages I keep coming back to for inspiration is Bidoof Crossing. They share snapshots of other people's towns and room d├ęcor, as well as lots of QR codes!
  Ever wondered how those people on Tumblr and Pinterest get different bokeh shapes in their photos? Katie recently shared a tutorial which is so easy to follow that I might try it out for myself!
  Another post of Katie's that I really liked was her recipe for peppermint bark. I've been looking for something simple yet festive to make/bake with my little sister and this minty chocolatey treat seems like the perfect thing!
  Finally, another two Christmas bakes I'm dying to try are both from the BBC GoodFood website (which I love). The first are these simple sparkling vanilla biscuits that I'm planning on baking Christmas Eve to give as gifts on Christmas day! The second are these peanut butter brownies. How good do they sound? They're not particularly festive but I think they'd make a great gift for someone who loves peanut butter (ie. me)


  1. I really love these posts, it's just a nice way to discover new reads! definitely be checking them out xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. Thank you for the mention my lovely! I can't get enough of vlogmas videos either, seems like the only thing I watch at the moment! :) xx

    The July Journal

  3. Aw thank you for the mentions! Some great picks here - now to do some reading! (:


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