My Bookish Confessions

 I hate bookmarks. They annoy me, they're inconvenient, they usually fall out of my books and make me loose my place.
So how do I mark my place, you ask? I FOLD DOWN THE PAGE EDGE. Yes, I know. You hate me. I'm sorry. One reason I actually like doing this is because when I reread books I can see where I've paused when reading before. Does that make sense? My dad thinks I'm well weird because of this but ya know.
 I HATE HARDBACKS. They're clunky and big and uncomfortable.
 I hate the book jacket of a hardback even more. They're so annoying! Always very pretty but they irritate me soooo much. I always take them off and lose them.
 I'm the kind of person that will watch a book-to-movie adaptation and say "that wasn't supposed to happen", "he wasn't supposed to say that", "she's going to say this next" and my boyfriend hates it. It's probably a really bad habit to have but I can't help it!
 What I read is always driven by my mood. If I'm in the middle of an action and I'm fancying a romance, I'll abandon the first book easily.
  Big book shops such as Waterstones calm me. If I'm ever anxious whilst I'm in town I'll always step into Waterstones and visit all of my favourite books. The one of town has actually been re-fitted and they've moved the YA books into a cute little corner that has armchairs and sofas and I LOVE IT.
  That said, I rarely buy books from large book stores. I usually buy them from charity shops, supermarkets and car boot sales. I also tend to bulk-buy from Amazon. I can list on one hand the books I've bought from a book store!
If I have a different edition of one book from a series on my bookshelf, I'll repurchase it in the matching edition. It drives me insane if they don't all match, especially if they're different heights! That's literally my worst nightmare.
 I organise my books on my bookshelf by genre. Then, on each shelf, I'll have series at one end and stand-alone books at the other. Then I'll put them all in colour order!
 I like to be able to see my books from my bed. When I originally put it together and organised everything, I had my shelf facing the rest of my room & I had to move it so that it faces my bed. It doesn't look as pretty when you walk in but I can see them when I'm led down now so it's fine.
SO - those are my bookish confessions. I rly hope you all don't hate me now ahaha. Do you have anything to confess? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Haha I cringed when you said that you folded down the page! When I watch book-to-movie adaptations, I'm the same and everyone gets so annoyed. Ps. your socks in the first picture are so cute! X
    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  2. Yep, I'm not a fan of folding down pages haha! At the moment I have a bookmark that is magnetic and hooks over a page so it stays in. I'm not a fan of hardbacks though. They're just too big.
    My copy of The Subtle Knife is different to the first and third books of the series, and it really annoys me. I can't find the matching copy though, so I'll have to buy new copies of the other two, and I just can't justify that spend yet haha!


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