Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar | Week Three

Welcome to my third and final advent calendar haul of 2015! As you read this I only have three advent doors to open, which means there's just three days until Christmas! I'll probably include what I got from my calendar on these final days in another post, or I'll share them on Instagram or something. Either way, I can't quite believe that I only have three more to open. I've grown to like receiving a new make-up product every single day! ;) I will definitely miss this little piece of my morning routine come December 26th.

Day Fifteen. Pink nail varnish (v). On day fifteen I opened the door to reveal this sweet pink nail varnish. My nail varnish collection is severely lacking in the pink/purple department so I'm really pleased to have this one. It's a bright barbie-eqsue pink that's super pretty.
Day Sixteen. Now blush (v). I am in loooove with this dusky pink blusher. I prefer wearing quite neutral blush shades and this one is perfect. I've popped it straight into my 'daily makeup' makeup bag and I can't wait to start wearing it!
Day Seventeen. Clear glitter lip gloss tube (v). I think I've made my dislike of lip gloss pretty clear, so there's not much I can say about this one! It does smell absolutely delicious though - really pleasant and fruity.
L - R. Pink lipstick, Golden Lights highlight, Now blush, Mountain of Gold eye shadow, clear lip gloss.
Day Eighteen. Silver nail varnish (v). Another day, another nail varnish. This time it was this gorgeous shimmery silver shade. Perfect for the winter season! I haven't tried this one yet but for some reason I feel like it might be quite sheer and in need of more than two coats.
Day Nineteen. Mountain of Gold eyeshadow (v). How beautiful is this glittery gold eye shadow? If I was going to rock a full-on make-up look Christmas Day, this would be the shade I'd go for on the eyes. Along with a slick of liquid liner and a ton of mascara. The eyeshadow is part of the permanent collection, so if you're into glittery eyes then I'd totally recommend this shade. It's crazy pigmented!
Day Twenty. Pink lipstick. This lipstick has a pearly tint to it, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it looks on my lips. I never usually go for metallic-ish lipsticks - I'm a matte lip girl at heart - but I feel like this one is going to be really moisturising and just nice to wear. We'll see!
Day Twenty One. Golden lights highlight. This highlight is definitely my favourite out of the three from this calendar! It's a lot more silvery-toned than the other two but no less shimmery. This is definitely my kind of highlight. I'm really looking forward to pairing it with the blush above whenever I do my make-up next!
I'm actually really happy with what I received this week! Last week was a bit blah, but I feel like my make-up collection is now a lot more interesting and much better stocked. I'm sorry if this post is really short and a bit crap, but I'm not feeling that well at the moment (which is why I sadly missed a post yesterday). I wasn't going to post but wanted to document my final advent calendar haul. Hopefully I feel better in time for Christmas Day!

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