Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar | Week Two

I can't believe I'm writing this post already - it feels like just yesterday I was writing up Week One's instalment! But a whole week has passed since then, and I have seven new advent calendar treats to show you! I'm actually really ill at the moment - trust me to get ill whilst blogging every day - so I apologise in advance if my sentences don't string together quite right. I'm finding it difficult to be at my laptop for long, but I'm refusing to fail Blogmas, even if it's just one day that I miss. This also means that I'm not going to be scheduling tweets for the next few days, but rest assured if you visit my blog or check on Bloglovin' there will be a new post for you every day at 8am!

Day Eight. Peachy pink lip gloss tube (v). I'm not a fan of lip gloss, so this one will be passed on to my little sister! I'm not entirely sure what the shade of this one is called as it doesn't say anywhere on the packaging, but you can get tubes of lip gloss like this one from the Makeup Revolution site. It didn't feel particularly sticky when I swatched it, and it had a nice fruity scent but I still don't think I'll be keeping it!
Day Nine. Purple lipstick. The third of the six lipsticks inside this calendar! This one is a gorgeous purple-pink shade that I think would be perfect for the summer - I'm not sure if I'd wear it as a day-to-day shade though! Just like the other two lipsticks I got from Week One, I think this is part of the Amazing Lipstick collection so I'm not sure if it's vegan or not, despite the ingredients list on the box making me think it is. After looking at swatches online, it looks really similar to Crime which isn't vegan as far as I know. V confusing!
Day Ten. Wow blusher (v). I think that this is the same as the Wow! blush from the permenant collection but the shade of mine appears to be a lot deeper. It's a very bright pink that is almost red-pink, but I promise it's a lot more intimidating in the pan than it is once it's swatched!
L - R. Purple lipstick, lip gloss tube, wanded lip gloss, Base! eye shadow, Wow blush, Hidden Lights highlight.
Day Eleven. Mint nail varnish (v). I have to admit, by day eleven I was feeling a little disappointed by what I'd received from the calendar this week, just because all of the shades I'd received weren't ones I would ever use but I suppose that's what's fun about this calendar - it offers you the option to try something new! Anyway, like I said, I was a bit mopey until I opened door eleven and it revealed this sweet mint green nail varnish. To me, this shade is quite blue-green although I've shown other people and they think I'm insane and are insisting it's plain green. Either way, it's a very pretty shade that I'm glad to have in my collection.
Day Twelve. Nude-pink wanded lip gloss. The second lip gloss of the week.! I feel like this one is a lot more wearable, as it's quite a neutral pink-nude shade, but it all depends on how sticky it is once I apply it.
Day Thirteen. Base! single eye shadow (v). I was dreading receiving another eye shadow, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this one! It's a really pretty champagne shade, that is slightly shimmery. As the name suggests, this would make a really lovely base colour.
Day Fourteen. Hidden Lights highlight (v). Personally, I really don't like this highlighter - it's much too gold for my tastes and my skintone, but I feel it would look gorgeous on someone with darker skin. It's very glittery, so glittery in fact that I feel it would work better as an eye shadow!
Overall, I feel like this week's contents was a bit blah for me. I'm not too bothered though - I didn't expect to like everything I received, as the shade range in this calendar is really varied. Hopefully next week will be better!

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