10 Free Festive Activities

Budgets are always tight come December, what with all of the gifts and festive foods to buy. So today I thought I'd list ten free Christmassy activities that you can do with your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friends... you could even do some of them by yourself! Most of them are completely free, although you could spend a little money on a few of them if you'd like to - it's not a must, though.
1. Christmas Lights Tour. Make a hot chocolate, pour it into a flask, grab your dog and younger sibling/partner and walk around your local area, spotting Christmas lights. Vote on which house you think has the best decorations!

2. Host a board game tournament. My favourite board game ever is Cluedo, but of course the old classic Monopoly is also brought out in my house at Christmas. You could even have a prize for the winner, and a forfeit for whoever comes last. You don't need to spend any money on this - although you can get bars of Galaxy/Dairy Milk chocolate from Poundland - the winner's prize could simply be something like the loser having to write out all of the winner's Christmas cards!
3. Gift Wrapping Competition. Another family game/tournament - but this time it's a little more productive! Give everyone a few similarly sized presents, some cellotape, scissors and wrapping paper and see who can wrap their presents the fastest! Again, you could have a prize for the winner but it's not a must!
4. Festive Photo Shoot. Grab your best friend/parents/siblings/cat, don your Christmas jumper and a pair of reindeer antlers and host a photo shoot! Use fairy lights, tinsel and wrapping paper as props. You could even make this a tradition - how fun would it be to look back on each year?
5. Try out some festive nail art. You don't need special nail art tools to do this - a hair grip works pretty well as a dotting tool! You could keep it simple and paint your nails red with gold glitter tips, or you could do something fun and create little snowmen. Pinterest is great for inspiration!
6. Visit a Christmas Market. This one may cost a little bit if you need to travel by bus/train to get to your nearest Christmas market, but you don't necessarily have to spend money once you're there. Take your own hot drink in a flask and just spend a little while browsing the stalls. I can't promise you wont be tempted by the smell of fresh doughnuts/crepes though!
7. Host a Christmas movie night. Netflix have some really great Christmassy options, but don't worry if you're not subscribed - most TV channels are playing Christmas films at the moment! The films don't necessarily have to be Christmassy, either - anything Disney is always a winner in my house!
8. Go to a Church Service. My family and I went to a Christingle service on Christmas Eve last year, and it was actually really lovely. Christmas is obviously a Christian tradition, as it celebrates the day that Jesus was born. I'm not massively religious and don't pretend to be, but I do feel that sometimes people think more about the commercial side of Christmas as opposed to where the holiday actually comes from. Plus the story of the Nativity and all of the songs that come with it are really beautiful.
9. Make paper chains. You don't need to go out and buy fancy craft supplies for this - as long as you've got some paper, some pens, glue and scissors you're all good! This would be a fun activity to do with younger relatives, or you could just unleash your inner artist and do it alone! Simply mark where you'll be cutting the strips on your piece of paper, then create designs on all of the bits. Don't forget to do both sides! Once you're finished, cut out your strips, then loop and glue them together to create a pretty paper chain.
10. Write a letter to Santa. Another cute activity that you could do with younger relatives, although I feel this could be a really enlightening thing to do alone. Write to Santa and tell him everything you'd like for Christmas this year - whether that's a new pair of shoes, for your current love interest to text you back or for you to be able to take the next step up in your career. I feel this could be a really cute yet thoughtful way to think about all of the things you want from life at the moment.

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  1. These are such cute ideas. I'm going to print off some quiz questions for us to playx


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