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New around here? Well, welcome to What Lauren Did Today, my little cruelty-free lifestyle and book blog. My name's Lauren (obvs) and I'm just a girl with a passion for cats, books and training Water Pokemon. I've been writing this blog for over a year now so I figured it was about time I created a little blog CV of sorts for all my new (and old) readers, as I find it can be difficult to get a real taste of a new blog upon the first few posts. Also, I mention a few people quite regularly, so I thought I'd give you a mini cheat sheet so you're not confused!

Learn More About Me
Some Times I Gave Advice
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Through The Seasons
Important People (and animals)
Luna - my cat, the dear love of my life. She's black with white paws, a little bit of white on her tummy and a tiny bit on her face. She's also the no1 sass queen of the world.
Luke - my boyfriend. We've been together over 5 years and as he's also a major Lushie/geek, he's mentioned often in my Lush/haul posts as well as personal ones.
Leigh - my eight year old sister. She could take Luna's crown for being the queen of sass, but she's yet to bite my hand because I've stopped petting her.  


  1. Lovely post, I may have to do one of these on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration x :)

  2. What a great idea - I never look back on my posts so to have something like this with all the 'bests' is brilliant.

    1. Thank you! It was actually quite fun to read back through my old posts (:


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