My Favourite Bookish Instagram Accounts

Back at the beginning of this year, I didn't really understand Instagram. I thought it was just a place that people shared photos of what they had for lunch/what their Starbucks order is/what colour their nails are painted. And whilst Instagram does contain a whole host of photos like that (which I secretly enjoy), there is another side to Instagram that I've discovered and fallen in love with: the Themed Instagram. And more importantly, whole accounts dedicated to just one thing. My favourite version of this idea comes in the form of Bookstagram. So today I thought I'd share some of my favourite 'book-ish' Instagram accounts, and a few Bookstagrams!

HOW beautiful are Aimee and Emmanuel's feeds? Seriously aesthetically pleasing. Aimee and TheEpitome (I don't know your name, sorry!) basically post pretty photos of books, sometimes leaving little comments about what they thought/where the bought them/how their day is going etc which is so lovely. Emmanuel on the other hand does full-on book reviews on his account! He also does plenty of tags and just general too-pretty shots of books. I love The Epitome of Reading's account because we seem to have really similar taste in books and I love to see what they're currently reading!
Moving onto more lifestyle-and-book accounts now. The Lunar Lights is one I found really recently and I've since followed her blog too. Her photos are really pretty and pastel. She also has the Harry Potter covers I want! It's nice to second-hand appreciate them through her photos.  Vivatramp is one of my favourite bloggers ever, and her Instagram only re-enforces my love of her! Bee posts books, quirky jewellery, her adorable dogs and also a ton of creative things. Finally, Bethan. Not only is Bethan herself really lovely, her Instagram is too! I feel like her Instagram is really laid-back(?) and her photos simple yet effective.
Beth from All The Bright Places actually has two Instagram accounts that I love, but for this post I chose to feature her more book-focused one! Her photos are really bright and colourful, and we seem to have the same taste in books so I love seeing what she's picked up lately. Sasha is one of my favourite BookTubers, and I also really love her Instagram. When she doesn't feature the books themselves, the photos are usually book-orientated in some way which I love. And last but certainly not least, Imogen. Again, we seem to have the same taste in books so I trust her blog reviews 100% and love to see what she's currently reading when she shares it on Instagram. I just really like the look of her photos!
Go run to your Instagram accounts and follow all of these lovely people! Whilst you're at it, how about a cheeky follow for What Lauren Did Today? ;)


  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I have only recently just started getting back into Instagram and I sometimes still forget to post!
    I love all the people you've mentioned, especially Bee, her blog and instagram are my absolute favourite!

    Bethan Likes

  2. Thanks for featuring me, Lauren! That's super kind of you - I'm glad you enjoy my Instagram. I'm gunna go and check out everybody else now!

  3. I love this post! I want to start posting about what I'm reading on my Instagram, so these are great inspiration :)

    Gemima | Lovely Witches

  4. Instagram is my fave. So many great accounts here! I really need to work on getting mine looking prettier aha!

    1. My Instagram used to be soooo gross a few months ago, I love it now though! x


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