The Purrfect Box | July 2015

Calling all kitty cat lovers! Today's post is all about July's Purrfect Box.
The Purrfect Box* is a monthly subscription service for cats & cat lovers. Each box contains 5 - 6 high quality treats for your kitty, ranging from collars and training aids to toys and treats. Each month there's a different theme, usually related to a recent festive holiday (Christmas/Valentines Day) or just the current season. July's box was named 'Hello, Summer!' Again, like last month, I don't really feel like the title and items relate to each other very well, but I do love what we received!

- Pet Munchies Treats. These cat treats are 'gourmet premium' treats, according to my little magazine that comes with each box. They're all natural and freeze dried, and help maintain a healthy heart and promote healthy skin. I really like the sound of these!
- Delicious Happies from Trixie. Trixie is a brand that Luna has tried before, as she received some other treats by the same brand last month. These ones are little pieces of chicken and lactose-free cheese, which sound perfect as Luna loves cheese flavoured treats!
- Multi-Vitamin Paste by GimCat. I'm really intrigued by this paste! It claims to 'not only recharge your cat's batteries, but their happiness too' which sounds exciting. It comes in a tooth-paste-like tube that has a little screw cap to keep things fresh.
- Glitterball Interactive Toy from Happy Pet. Every month Luna has a favourite - this month, it's this toy! It's basically a sparkly ball on the end of a spring, which is secured to a scratchproof base. It's a really interactive toy that we can play with together, which is so much fun.
- Litter Shovel from Camon. This is SUCH a cool addition to the box! It's a cat-poop-scooper that comes with bags that attach to the handle - meaning you can scoop the poop and it'll go straight into the little bag. This is such a genius idea. Luna doesn't use a litter tray anymore (I bought her a hooded one but she just slept in it) so I'll be giving this to my Dad for his indoor cat, Weller.
 - Catnip Toy by Petbrands. This is a cute little catnip toy. It's a black hexagon which I assume is filled with catnip, and it has a little white feather attached. Luna was too overwhelmed with the Glitterball toy so she hasn't played with this yet, but as soon as she catches a sniff of catnip I'm sure she will!
The Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription box, which costs £19.90 per month. It's a commitment-free service, so you could simply try it out once or twice a year! The bigger the plan you subscribe to, the cheaper it is, for example a six-month subscription is £17.90 a month etc. It was really easy to fill in the details for my plan, which included a lot of information about Luna so that each product included within the box was suitable for her. Also - there's a special promotion running at the moment where you can get your first Purrfect Box for free! Now that I have received three boxes, I'm fully stocked up on cat treats and toys! I never have to buy anything new for Luna. However, I think that this service would be lovely if you had more than one cat, as I am a little over-run with all of the goodies she receives. I think that just one box between two, maybe three, cats would work out great aside from a few items such as a collar etc.
You can check out the Purrfect Box here. They also have a subscription service called the Pawsome Box which is the exact same service, just for dogs!

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  1. Oh my gosh this sounds amazing!!! I'm going to get one for my cats!!!


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