The Purrfect Box | June 2015

Myself and Luna received another purrfect delivery a few weeks ago! (Hahaha see what I did there?... okay I'll leave.) On the 24th of June, bang in the middle of the expected delivery dates, we were excited to open another Purrfect Box.

The Purrfect Box* is a monthly subscription service for cats. (Although I rather enjoy it too). Each box contains 5 - 6 high quality treats for your kitty, ranging from collars and training aids to toys and treats. Every month there's a different theme, usually related to a recent festive holiday (Christmas/Valentines Day) or just the current season. June's box was named 'The Cat's The Boss' which I think is a very apt name (Luna definitely thinks she is the boss of me). I don't really feel like the title and the items within the box co-inside that well, but I am in love with the items in this box!

Here's a breakdown of what Luna & I received...
♥ Valerian Cuddle Knot by 4Cats. This cute bow isn't featured in the first photo, because Luna would not let me take it off of her. I think it's a kind of catnip laced plush toy that's tied in a cute bow. Now, I know in my last post I said I was against giving Luna catnip, but I did a lot of research and decided to tentatively test her with it. To me, it absolutely stinks but its effect on Luna was pretty instant - she loved it. She proceeded to scent mark it, bite it, scratch it, roll around with it... then crashed out about 15 minutes later. I would totally recommend this cuddle knot for any cats that love catnip!

♥ Catnip Treats from Animal Farm. These treats are catnip flavoured, which is something I've never seen before. They come in an easy re-sealable pouch, but I'm yet to test Luna with these as she has so many other treats on the go at the moment!

♥ Chicken Fillet Bites from Trixie. Luna received some chicken bites very similar to these in last months box, but those ones went down a treat with her so I'm sure she'll love these too. I think given the choice I would repurchase the previous pack from May's box, just as they're hypoallergenic, but I'm sure she'll love these too.
Tunnel Armitage. I love this addition to the box this month! It's a pop-up tunnel that is lined with cream fur and has a little jingle ball dangling at one end. Luna loves things that she can hide in, and was soon led inside!
Catnip Spray from Happy Pet. I think for anyone whose cat loves catnip, this spray is an essential. Perfect for rejuvenating old toys!

♥ Bouncy Balls from Camon. Another favourite of Luna's this month! These balls are essentially foam bouncy balls. Luna loves chasing balls and stones and things, so these were great fun for us to play with together. They can bounce really high, too!
Another thing I love about Purrfect Box is the little magazine that comes with each box. Inside this issue, there was a cat 'profile' on Siamese cats (which I think are beautiful) and also a really interesting one about teaching tricks to your cat! I also loved the addition of the step-by-step cat handbag DIY.
The Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription box, which costs £19.90 per month. It's a commitment-free service, so you could simply try it out once or twice a year! The bigger the plan you subscribe to, the cheaper it is, for example a six-month subscription is £17.90 a month etc. It was really easy to fill in the details for my plan, which included a lot of information about Luna so that each product included within the box was suitable for her. Also - there's a special promotion running at the moment where you can get your first Purrfect Box for free!
You can check out the Purrfect Box here. They also have a subscription service called the Pawsome Box which is the exact same service, just for dogs!
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  1. What a lucky cat! I really should get this one month..
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. She is very lucky! Very spoilt too haha. They still have their 'first box free' offer going, you should try it out! x


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