Happy Birthday Luna!

I can't even believe I'm typing this.. LUNA IS ONE YEAR OLD. Actually, I take that back - I can believe it. Have you seen her recently? She's like a black, furry army tank. She's definitely not little and cute anymore. Now she's massive and beautiful! A real lady.

I thought I'd do a post to commemorate this fabulous occasion, and to share some pictures of her from when I got her, right up until two days ago! It's actually funny how much she has grown since I got her, but her personality hasn't really changed at all. She's just such a kitten. Always moaning at me, always head-bonking me (although it's more difficult now as she seems to aim for my nose piercing), always lying in random places on the floor and in doorways. She still loves playing with pom-poms (she carries them around in her mouth) but now she's also developed the unfortunate habit of bringing 'gifts' to me. I know they're for me because when my boyfriend tries to take them off of her she hisses, but when I go to remove it she lies down and purrs at me like "look what I got you mum!"
She also likes to sleep on my sister's loft bed with our other cat, Bailey. Her and Bailey are like best friends. Whenever Bailey can't find Luna, she comes around meowing for her and then they'll meet up and go off terrorising things. Bailey also likes to bring 'gifts' for Luna. I'm not even going to lie, I'm pretty sure that Bailey was the one that encouraged and taught Luna about 'gifts' and how to get them. Bloody nightmare... no pun intended.
So yay, happy birthday to my Luna! I love her more than anything else on the entire planet and I'm so grateful that I have her.


  1. aw I love the photos of baby Luna, so cute!


  2. Your baby Luna is so adorable! Aahh I miss having a cat around :( Anyway, happy birthday to your dearest Luna! Looking forward to more photos of this adorable creature, haha. P.S. I just followed you on bloglovin, I hope you can check out my blog <3

    xo, J | La Petite Fawn Blog


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