B. Lipsticks in Orangeboom & Doll's House

When making my first-ever vegan beauty order, two things were at the very top of my list: a mascara and a new lipstick. Of course, I bought more than just those two things (haul here) but I've been using all of it almost daily, so I now have good, all-round thoughts on all of the products. In the haul post, I mentioned that I would like to talk about the lipsticks in more detail and I was greeted with a resounding YES in the comments and on social media so here we are! The two B. lipsticks I bought were in shades that I felt were most important: orange and a dusty, nude pink.

I'm not a huge wearer of red lipstick and find that orange suits me better so that was my stand-out shade of choice, which came in the form of Orangeboom from their Candy Shop Collection (£7.99). It's a gorgeous, bright orange shade that seems pretty intimidating but is actually really flattering. I have crazy pale skin and think it compliments my skin-tone beautifully and in a much nicer way than a red lippy does. It's glossier than I expected and feels quite wet on the lips for the first couple of minutes after application, but it doesn't really bother me much. I think if I wore lipstick more often than I do then I'd be used to it! The longevity of it is great, although I find that it becomes uneven in the middle after a couple of hours, especially if you're eating/drinking. It's nothing a 2 second touch-up wouldn't fix though! I also find that it becomes less glossy after a little while, which to be honest I prefer.
Then, my pretty pink lipstick. I picked Doll's House (£7.99), which is a nudey-pink, from the B. Rich Intense Colour collection. Again it's quite glossy but I find it looks more creamy than Orangeboom. It also doesn't feel as wet upon the lips, and is more comfortable to wear. I think the nude tone of this lipstick is a tiiiiiny bit too dark for me, and I would prefer it to be more pinky, but it is really lovely. It's my perfect daily-wear lipstick. It's staying power is pretty much identical to Orangeboom - lasts a long time, but wears unevenly in the center of your lips.
And finally... this is a blog after all. I suppose I should talk about the packaging, which is actually suuuuper cool. Both of my tubes were silver with pretty patterns on in pink, but I think their usually packaging is plain black. What impressed me most about this packaging is that you have to push in the bottom of the lipstick and it pops out! Really similar to a 'clicky' pen. I just think that it's a cool, unique touch unlike anything I've come across before.
Both of these lipsticks are £7.99 which is amazing for the quality, and can be found both online and in select Superdrug stores. All of the B. make-up is cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I also have a B. mascara and concealer that I'm loving at the moment - let me know if you'd like those reviewed too!


  1. I love the clicky tubes! I think both colours are very flattering on you, although the pink is more like a dusky rose with your skin tone I guess.


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