Rings For Tiny Hands

I'm naturally a very small person. I'm a size 3 in shoes and my height barely clears 5ft, plus my bra size can only be found in the children's section. So it's no surprise that when I go shopping for rings in most high street stores, I come out empty handed/bare fingered. Over the past couple of months I've been doing my research on the best places to buy rings on the high street if you have tiny hands, and today I'm sharing my findings with you!

I can't even believe I'm saying this, but I only found two high street stores that offers size XS in rings! First there's River Island. The two gold midi rings I'm wearing in the photos above are from there, which I bought last year. Their collection isn't particularly varied in XS compared to S/M/L but at least there's the option. Accessorize also offer XS rings and some of them are gorgeous, but they're a tad more expensive than I'd be willing to pay, purely because I don't wear rings often enough to justify spending £10+ on them. 
My best tip if you're looking for little rings, is one that I've been taking advantage of a lot recently: midi rings in larger sizes. In the photos above, the four silver rings that I'm wearing are from Primark (£1.50 for the set) and are size Medium midi rings. They fit me perfectly! Midi rings are still really popular in stores and there are so many different styles to choose from. New Look do some really lovely midi rings that would look just as nice as regular rings.
Where do you buy your XS rings? xx


  1. LOVE this! I also struggle to find rings small enough for my fingers, so I'll definitely have to remember that River Island and Accessorize are the places to go!

    Laura xx

    1. Thanks! Accessorize have some really pretty ones! x


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