Little Changes + Mid Year Survey


Hey guys! Just thought I'd type up a quick little post talking about a few little changes that have happened recently here on What Lauren Did Today. They have been quite subtle so you may have missed them, but I thought I'd address and update everyone. I also have a link to my mid-year survey at the end of this post - I would be so grateful if you would fill it out for me.

Firstly: from now on, I'm not going to be putting the 'CF' disclaimer in my cruelty free beauty posts titles. I haven't and probably wont ever mention any products that aren't cruelty free, plus it was just clogging up the titles of posts, so I've decided to skip on it from now on. I hope this wont cause any confusion, but in every post I always mention that a product is cruelty free and vegetarian/vegan anyway so hopefully it should be fine.
Secondly, I've had a little re-jig with my layout again. Something about it before just wasn't sitting right with me, so I've decided to swap my sidebar from the right-hand side of the post to the left. I hope this doesn't irritate anyone, especially as it's taken me a little while to adjust, but I think that my blog looks a lot cleaner this way. Along with the new layout, I've also added a 'Subscribe Via Email' gadget to my sidebar, which is going to be great for people who want to follow What Lauren Did Today without having to go through Bloglovin'.
I thought I'd also just update you on my off-blog links, as I've joined a few things recently! Aside from following me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest you can also add me as a friend on Goodreads. What Lauren Did Today can also be found on Bloglovin' and Facebook!

Finally, I've thrown together a little mid-year survey and I would love it if you would answer it for me! There's only 8 questions and they're just about what content you like/dislike on What Lauren Did Today, any suggestions for anything you may have and any areas you feel I could improve. You can enter the anonymous survey here. Thank you in advance!

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