Top 5 Vegan Instagram Accounts

I think I should probably first clarify: I'm not currently a vegan. But I'd love to be. At this moment in time, I'm not really in the position to change my eating completely, as I still live with my family, but it's definitely on my to-do list. And a few weeks ago I took the first step: research. I streamlined my Pinterest food boards into vegetarian/vegan ones, and I stalked Instagram for some really good vegan accounts to follow. So I thought I'd share the ones that I found!

These accounts are both run by the same company, The Vegan Kind, which is a Vegan UK subscription box service. The Vegan Kind is a great account for inspirational quotes, vegan beauty news and food ideas. Accidentally Vegan is an account that shares food products and drinks that are actually vegan, but there might not be a 'vegan' declaration on the packaging. I find this so useful, as there are so many things that are accidentally vegan that you'd never expect, and I think it'll be a great help when I do eventually make the change over.
I love these three accounts because they're real: there's no frills and special photography, just honest food posts. These accounts are so useful, as the three users share basically what they're having for dinner each night. It really gives me amazing meal inspiration. Becoming vegan, I'm discovering, is kind of tricky as you're constantly questioning everything, but these posts make it a bit easier. Plus, I'm just nosy and just like to see what people eat.
I hope you guys liked this kind of post, and found it helpful in some way. Feel free to share your favourite vegan Instagram accounts below, or if you're a vegan, please leave me your username, too! xx


  1. Great picks - I've went and followed the two I wasn't following already :)

    Morag x

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it was useful :) x


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