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As I write this, I'm watching Pretty Little Liars (I'm currently on Season 4 Ep 15). I'm literally obsessed. I watch it on repeat from the minute I wake up until the moment I go to bed. I also spend a lot of time researching on Wikipedia and pinning pictures on my shiny new Pinterest board. So I thought I'd bring a bit of my obsession onto my blog, by doing the Pretty Little Liars tag. Warning: my answers contain spoilers!

1. Who’s your favourite character?  Spencer, easy. It was Aria at first, just because I liked her style, but as the first season went on it switched over to Spencer. We just have a lot in common, and I really admire her. She's kind of like the Blair Waldorf of the PLL world.
2. Who do you think is behind “the A team”?  I literally have no idea. I really do think that Ezra is a serious part of it. I've also read a lot of conspiracies about Aria, which kind of maybe make sense to me. I've also never trusted Melissa. As long as, overall, Toby and Spencer aren't really a part of it, I'll be fine. BUT the girl who's post I stole this tag from had something written like A-T-E-A-M: Aria, Toby, Ezra, Allison, Mona which I think is pretty genius.
3. Who do you ship? Spencer & Toby! I literally love them together, but I also love their characters separately. When I saw the episode that revealed him as part of the A Team, I literally screamed.
4. Most memorable cheesy/stupid moment? There are a lot of stupid moments in this programme. Like 'Oh, I'll just leave my car in the middle of the road with the door open' and then being shocked when it's disappeared when they go back to it. The most cheesy moments/the ones that make me cringe a little, are back in Season 1 with Aria and Noel, and in the recent series with Emily & Paige. I just really don't like Paige as a character. I'll also never understand how Nate managed to reach up for the gun to shoot Caleb.
5. Favourite villain? Allison. She's literally up there with Professor Umbridge for me, in terms of a sly, vile person. I also quite like Melissa as a 'villian', although I don't think she is one exactly. I just admire how easily she can lie, and that unless you're told, you don't really expect her to be a part of the things that she is.
6. Who do you predict might become a villain? I don't know why, but I really do kind of buy into these conspiracies about Aria. I really don't know why.
7. Which girl do you think has been hurt the most by A? Emily or Spencer. Aria and Hanna have had minor issues, but I think that Emily and Spencer have had to deal with things that are a lot more mentally/emotionally damaging.
8. Which girl’s style do you like the most?  Aria and Spencer. I love Aria's bold, clashing outfits and I think she pulls them off so well. Spencer's outfits are more realistic to the things that I personally would wear, minus all of the ties haha.
9. Why do the girls keep seeing Allison?  Do you think there’s more behind it? I actually sort of read on Wikipedia what happens with the Ali story-line, so I'm gonna skip this question so save major spoilers! I do love Ali's involvement in the plot though.
10. Who’s your crush on the show? Ezra, Caleb, Toby. Not necessarily in that order. I like Ezra literally because of how handsome he is. Caleb & Toby because ngl, I find them both incredibly attractive and I love their personalities.
11.  Who is your least favourite character? I hate Maya and Paige. I kind of wish Emily had stayed with Samara. I also really don't like Aria's dad (he really creeps me out).
12.  What was the biggest shocking moment for you? The moment Toby was revealed as part of the A Team. I literally died a little inside.
13. Do you think Toby is really dead? I've already watched past this story line, so I'm gonna skip this question.
14. What would you do if A was after you? I've had this conversation with my sister and Mum so many times. We annoy each other by leaving random messages signed by A around the house, and on each other's phones (for me and Mum at least). I honestly think I'd tell someone is A was after me. I don't have that many secrets, anyway!

I tag everyone who likes Pretty Little Liars! If you do/have done this tag, leave me a link in the comments as I'd LOVE to see your answers. xx

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  1. Love PLL!! I'd like to watch the new spin-off show with Caleb. I'm not sure what its called.
    Great post! :)


    1. Oh, Ravenswood I think it's called! My mum loves Caleb, so I expect if that ends up on Netflix we'll be watching it! x

  2. I like the show, but I'm getting to the point with the plot that I'd like to know more than the Liars do about who A could be. The mystery of it is no longer intriguing to me, it's becoming annoying. I don't know if I want to know exactly who A is, but maybe see more clues than they do or something.

    1. I got really bored of the mystery of A through most of season 3, it wasn't until the beginning of season 4 that I got back into it again x

  3. Love this tag!
    I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Check out the nomination post

  4. I love Pretty Little Liars and Blair Waldorf too ;) I love how you said Spencer is like the Blair Waldorf of PLL. Spencer and Hana are my favourites, but I think you may have persuaded me to go for Spencer. Spoby really is amazing after all. But then, Spencer did go on drugs and go into a psyc ward, and Hana is the one getting into colleges so... Haha but that A-TEAM thing really is genius. Love this tag xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. My mum loves Hanna, too! I do think she is my second favourite, with Aria being my third and Emily being the fourth out of all of the Liars. I thought the A-TEAM thing was so smart too! I couldn't not include it haha x

  5. I literally couldn't read this and had to scroll quickly right to the bottom! I have only just finished season one and was scared for spoilers haha!! xx

    Abi | - Don't forget to enter my giveaway

    1. Aw haha! You definitely did the right thing skipping - there were a few spoiler answers & questions! x


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