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Hi Everyone! I'm Emily from Good Girl Gone Brum! Firstly, thank you to Lauren for having me on her blog, it's always a privilege when someone wants to share their little bit of the internet with you! I don't often blog about beauty, as I'm generally not a genius when it comes to make-up, but this is something beauty related that I do know a thing or two about, and I wanted to share it with you guys!

Cosmetics are great. They make us feel good, give us confidence and generally make our lives that bit more luxurious. Like everything in life however, our choices have repercussions, and beauty products are no different. Behind the scenes of the beauty industry, the picture isn't always so pretty. But there are brands out there that are going against the flow, and making sure that their products aren't adding to the problem.
When it comes to our dinner plates, many of us choose to think about the animals that contribute to our food, whether that is buying free range eggs and chicken, being a vegetarian or even going vegan. If this is how you think about the food you buy, then beauty products should be no different. Although it is illegal to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals in the UK, many brands still don't reach PETA'S cruelty free standards at every point in their supply chain. If you want to be sure that the product you're buying is supporting cruelty-free beauty, then look out for PETA's 'beauty without bunnies' logo or check the label carefully. Top brands include Lush, The Body Shop and Urban Decay.
These companies are also responsible in other ways. For example Lush cut back on their packaging as much as possible, and encourage the recycling of the packaging that they do have to produce. That's why your bath bombs will come in paper bags or your shampoo bars and soap are wrapped in paper. The Body Shop also support charities (for example this Christmas it was the War Child charity), are hugely conscious of their environmental impact and help support fair trade. If you're a vegan, both of these brands make an effort to supply many vegan products, and Superdrug's own brand is completely vegan too!
Choosing to make responsible choices with any product can be difficult and a hefty commitment. However when it comes to changing what you buy, you don't have to take an all or nothing approach. Most people, including myself, aren't realistically going to consider the impact behind every last bubble bath or nail varnish that they buy, but it always helps in some way when we do choose the responsible option. It's also great to support companies that are doing their bit, as the more people that do, the more other brands will follow their lead.
Thank you so much to Emily for guest posting! Be sure to check out her blog, Good Girl Gone Brum, and give her a follow. I hope that this post was helpful or interesting in some way - it was nice for me to read another persons views and steps towards cruelty free beauty. What are your thoughts? xx 


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