12 Reasons I'm Not Cool

I saw this post originally on an amazing blog named Dorkface and thought it was hilarious, so I decided to share with the internet all of the reasons why I'm not cool. Hopefully you will relate, if not then try not to judge me too hard. 
1. I make references to Lord Of The Rings/Harry Potter/The Avengers/Sherlock/Pokemon daily. Sometimes multiple times within the space of an hour. Seriously.
2. I don't like the taste of coffee. At all. Unless it's heavily weighed down by a ton of sugar and chocolate flavouring.
3. I have more books than friends. (Although in my opinion that is still cool)
4. I use Harry Potter spells in daily life. Sometimes with wand action depending on what's nearby (usually my phone or TV remote).
5. I cannot take a good selfie. Plus I really hate that word. Selfie. It's just annoying.
6. I spend more time with my cat than I do people.
7. I have to match my socks. I wish I was wild enough to go crazy and wear that pineapple print sock with the leopard print one, but I just can't do it.
8. I call people 'noob' if they're annoying me. Like seriously, is this 2008?
9. I am extremely socially awkward. Extremely. I even get nervous if people tweet me.
10. I still watch SpongeBob Squarepants. And I laugh at it.
11. I find fictional puns hilarious, especially if they're bad.
12. I'm so pale that most cosmetics companies don't do foundation shades light enough for my skin. Plus I can't catch a tan to save my life.

So there you have it: 12 reasons why I'm not cool. This post is obviously just a bit of fun and it was hilarious to sit down with my boyfriend and think up reasons why the two of us were uncool. If anyone joins in with this kind of post, send me a link at @whatlaaurendid or leave it in the comments! x


  1. i know it's a negative post, but i honestly loved reading this and i can't take a good selfie either x

    1. Aw thank you, it was a lot of fun to write! x

  2. Haha I absolutely love this post! But also, I think all of these things are totally cool?! And I'm with ya on the too pale for cosmetics and tans thing, #palegirlproblems

    Ashley xx

    1. Thank you! & I know it's such a nightmare, in the summer it was almost blinding to look at my pale legs directly haha xx

  3. We're practically the same person.

  4. Aw aha this post made me giggle! Plus I can completely relate with the selfie one!! x

  5. Tbh you sound pretty cool to me! and I love the star wars image :)


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