What's On My iPhone

I've seen a few of these posts floating around the blogosphere and I really enjoy reading them, partly to pick up some new apps, partly because I'm really interested in how other people organise their phones. I have an iPhone 4S and it's amazingly (in my opinion) organised. My dad, brother and boyfriend have since gotten their own iPhones and theirs have been managed the same way mine have - I can't resist. My background is a simple floral design that I found on Google Images. I do have quite a few on Pinterest that I like, but I always come back to this one.

Top photo - first screen // second screen. Bottom photo - third screen // fourth screen.
I have my iPhone split into four different screens. The first screen has all of the mandatory stuff - contacts, photos, calendar etc. I also have Skype on here because I find it easier, since I use it quite a lot. In the Extra's folder I have my notes, reminders, calculator and also a Countdown App which I used to count down the days until my holiday during the summer! My second screen is my life and social screen. I have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but also Blogger and Bloglovin to keep up to date with my blogs. Pinterest and Youtube are both for entertainment purposes, and I'm rarely off of either of them to be honest! I have two subfolders - one which I'll show you in a second, the other named 'Fitness' which holds the 7 minute fitness app (which I'd really recommend). The third screen is my other 'life' stuff, such as Gumtree, JustEat and the Showcase Cinema app. The fourth and final screen is my gaming screen. I have Temple Run and Charades which are games that both me and my family use. My boyfriend has his own game, which I've tucked away in a folder because he changes his mind a lot and will have one game one minute and four the next.
The photography folder is taken from my first screen. Here I have CamWowPro, Flipagram and the Flashlight app. CamWowPro is an app that basically has a lot more photo effects than the regular iPhone camera - I mostly use it for the black-and-white feature, because the ones on the iPhone camera is awful. Flipagram is an app where you can add all your photos to some music and play them like a slideshow. I'm planning on making a lot of different ones to send to people at the end of the year to show them all of the memories we've captured during 2014! Finally the Flashlight app, which is pretty self explanatory.
The 'Life' folder is taken from my second screen. Here I have the following apps: A Novel Idea, Period Tracker Lite, Facebook Messenger, Optimism, Mindful and Grid Diary. A Novel Idea is an app that is great for planning stories - there are a bunch of different subsections which means you can create a character profile and then attach them to a story, as well as scenes and ideas, meaning you can keep everything to do with a certain piece in one place. Period Tracker Lite is basically an app that tracks your periods - you input when you come on and off and it calculates your cycle for you, as well as when you will next be due and when you'll be ovulating. This app is so useful for me because I have a problem with my ovaries which means that ovulation is really painful for me, so I can check the little calendar and find out when the pain is coming my way! Facebook Messenger is self explanatory, although I've heard it's a little dodgy so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be keeping it. Optimism is an app that helps me track my anxiety. Mindful is a great app for anxiety as it features gentle music with a voice-over to talk you through some mindful exercises. I use this quite a lot if I'm out and about and having bad anxiety. Finally, the Grid Diary. This is a cool little app that asks you eight questions every day, such as 'what did you accomplish today?' or 'what made me laugh today?' it's a great way to wind down at bedtime and get all of your thoughts out.
The 'Larziee' folder is taken from my fourth screen. This is my personal games folder. I have Mahjong Free, Draw Free, Wordsearch and Word Collapse. Mahjong, Wordsearch and Word Collapse are all games I play when I'm chilling out before bed, as they kind of exhaust your mind and are very rhythmatic. Draw Free is kind of like Pictionary, and I play with my boyfriend, mum, dad and brother! (The boys are awful at it though.)
So that's it - that's what's on my iPhone!


  1. i love how easy it is to organize an iphone. i have all my apps in folders and on one page basically. i find it the easiest and i love the way it looks. your background is really cute by the way.


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