My Dream Winter Coat

I don't know where this urge has come from, and I don't know if it will ever be acted upon but I am suddenly obsessed with buying a grey tweed/wool coat. They're just so classic and can really add the sophisticated edge to an outfit. I imagine pairing mine with a lot of black clothing and red lipstick during the day and then throwing over a little black dress for the upcoming birthday-and-wedding parties that I've been invited to. Naturally the floods of A/W options are streaming into high street stores and my Pinterest is full of the pretty grey numbers so I've done a little internet searching in the hopes of finding my dream coat.

Options One & Three are actually from River Island, somewhere that I tend to avoid shopping to be honest. I'm just not a huge fan of their clothing (although their bags are beautiful) but these coats are just - ahhh. The first one is more of a long-line blazer, and it's actually a beige and grey tweed which gives a pretty effect. It's available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6 (which is perfect for me as I'm so short!) to 18. My heart is set on this one, but it's price tag of £42 is going to mean a little bit of saving up for me so maybe soon! Option 3 (£38) is basically a shorter version of the first, it features the same material and is available in the same variety of sizes. I imagine this would be great for someone looking for a work winter coat, as it looks very professional. Finally Option Two is from H&M (£35), and is a bit more practical as it has a zip, meaning it will be a lot better at protecting against the cold than the others! It has a more exaggerated collar as well, and the black flecks in the material make it stand out more. It's available in sizes 6 - 18.


  1. Thanks for linking me to your post. I adore the grey tweed look, it's so sophisticated and classy. I'll definitely be popping into H&M to try on the coat from there, it's beautiful!

    1. Thank you for checking it out! & I totally agree, it definitely makes a simple outfit that more sophis x

  2. the middle one i absolutely love! xx


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