4 Tips For Overcoming Anxiety

1. Focus On The Good. A personal example of this is from my little sister's birthday party last week. I had a panic attack and sat in the car crying for about 20 minutes, plus once I removed myself from the car I couldn't talk to anyone because I was so emotionally drained and had to lie down in the caravan. Instead of focussing on the negative side of the day, I'm thinking about the good things that happened. Like, I got to hold a friend's new baby boy. And everyone loved the cupcakes I made. And my little sister had an amazing party and everyone had fun. Thinking about the good things can be such an amazing thing, because it's you accepting your faults and yet acknowledging the positive things.
2. Get Rid Of Any Negativity. Ever since starting my CBT sessions I've cut quite a few people from my life, because they were so critical of me and intimidated me and made me feel so weak and small that they were draining me of all the confidence I've had. And honestly, most people in my life don't understand my anxiety. But you can tell which people belong in your life because of their attitude towards it. I have friends who know I have anxiety but are still willing to stand beside me in a store if I'm panicking. But I've also had friends who find it embarrassing and honestly, kind of pathetic. Don't be afraid to cut ties with someone who is putting you down. If they really consider themselves your friend/family then they wouldn't be bringing you down.
3. Make A Confidence Board. I might do a whole post about mine soon, so I wont go into too much detail about it but it's basically a board full of quotes and pictures that make me happy and remind me to keep my head up high. This could be a physical board hung up beside your bed, or a virtual board. Pinterest is my main source of inspiration, and my 'head up.xx' board might be useful if you're looking for self-loving and inspirational quotes. You can fill your board with anything you like - magazine cut outs of outfits and hairstyles you like, celebrities you love, song lyrics, movie quotes - anything that makes you happy and uplifts you. A few weeks ago I was going to see a friend that I hadn't seen in ages and I was panicking so badly, but looking through my Pinterest board of quotes really helped me calm down. It's distracting as well as uplifting!
4. Take Things Slow. Something I've learned about anxiety is that the more you refuse to confront something, the more set-in-it's-ways it gets. For example, I've built up a severe fear over getting a bus on my own. And so, with the help of my counsellor I've worked out a set of small steps that will help me overcome this fear. For example, one step might be to get the bus with a friend. Or it could be as simple as waiting on the bus stop for the bus and then simply walking back home - recognise that you've taken that step towards the goal.

Something to remember about overcoming anxiety: small steps are enough. If you feel brave enough to take another right afterwards then that's amazing. But if not, it's still okay.

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  1. Getting rid of the negativity is the absolute hardest thing to do. I struggle with that every day.


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