Fictional Inspired Jewellery

Hello everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you some of the fictional-inspired jewellery pieces that I own. Funnily enough, the ones that are inspired by favourite books/films are actually the pieces I tend to wear more often and they're always commented on by friends and family. I have two necklaces, one bracelet and a ring (although I do also own Katniss's Mockingjay pin!).

First up, we have my favourite jewellery piece: my crown ring. This is actually my... promise ring? I think they're called that. My boyfriend bought me it for my birthday this year and I wear it every day. He chose this design because of my love for Tangled and the other Disney Princesses. I am completely obsessed with it. He bought it from eBay.
Secondly, the first of my two necklaces: my silver Deathly Hallows necklace. I bought this from eBay a few months ago and I love it - it's such a fun statement and, unless you're a HP fan, it's not so obvious and cliché. My one has quite a short chain and I would have preferred it to have a longer one, but I love wearing this with plain black dresses or lace tops and jeans.  
My second necklace is one inspired by The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. If you look closely in the film, Emma Watson's character Sam wears a gold star necklace during most of her scenes and when I saw this in the Topshop sale I had to pick it up! My star is quite a lot smaller than the one in the movie, but as Perks is my favourite book ever I feel like I'm carrying it around with me!
And finally, my golden arrow bracelet from Topshop, inspired by The Hunger Games. I feel that this bracelet is a nice tribute (hahah, geddit?) to The Hunger Games without being a bit cheesy. I'm on the look out for a necklace and a ring to match the bracelet as I think arrows are so pretty.
What do you think of fictional-inspired jewellery? Would you ever wear any of these pieces?

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