4 Tips For Building Self-Confidence


If there's one thing that's hard to come by as a teenage girl, it's self-confidence. And despite only holding a few more months of my teenage years in my grasp, I'm still not sure I have much of it. So today I thought I'd share four tips for building self-confidence, because I've been trying really hard recently to love myself a little bit more and thought it might be useful to share the techniques I've been using.
1. Make A List Of Things You're Good At. Even if they don't seem important. Actually, especially if they don't seem important. I think it's easier to take credit for the smaller things at first, so let's start there and work our way up towards the big things. Literally jot anything down. Don't be modest - no one is going to see this list but you, so feel free to brag! For an example, here's a little sample of my list.
- I make a really nice pasta bake.
- I make really good houses on The Sims.
- I'm really good at doing fishtail plaits.
-I'm really organised and people love it when I organise things for them.
- I can paint my nails neatly using both my left and right hands.
- I'm really good at working out smart phones, which is helpful for my dad because he doesn't have a clue.
- I'm really good at memorising shop layouts and where certain things are, so people love coming shopping with me because I'm useful. (Plus I'm honest in the changing rooms)
2. Make A List Of Things About Yourself & Encourage Them. Get to know yourself. Jot down your favourite bands and songs and make a happy playlist full of them. Write down the things you love to do, then make more time to do them. Think about the type of books you like then go and buy some from that genre. Favourite colour green? Buy a new green nail varnish!
3. Dress Up. Wear sexy underwear even though no one can see it. Wear your new nail varnish. Try a different lip shade. Even if you're not going anywhere. The little things that make you feel good about yourself can really help with your confidence. If I'm wearing an outfit I'm not 100% sure about, I always feel conscious about it and find I'm a lot shyer than usual. Also remember that you like these clothes. If someone else dislikes it, that's perfectly okay. Try not to let their opinion change your mind about something you love.
4. Ask Those Closest To You To Tell You What They Like About You. And then accept the compliments, even if you don't agree with them. People aren't vocal enough about loving one another, yet hearing something as simple as 'your eyeliner looks nice today' or 'I really like your hand writing' can be such a great confidence boost. Remember to compliment them back.
I hope this helped some of you! Even if it touches one person I'll be really happy. I also have a post about reliving anxiety, which might be relevant to some of you so you can check that out here if you'd like to. I also have a Pinterest board packed with quotes I find inspirational, so you can look at that here if you're interested.


  1. I like this list! I always try to stay as positive as I can, and I encourage others to do so. Since I'm starting school again, it is gonna be very easy for me to forget to be positive if I'm overwhelmed. I'll have to keep these things in mind!

    And the dress-up part is sooo me. Insta-confidence! And I love that one of your notes about yourself is that you make good houses on the sims, haha! I love the sims, but I think I spend more time making the actual sims than playing them!

    Peace and Love,

    1. Thank you! & yeah I totally agree! I spend waaaay too long building the houses haha x

  2. I totally agree with your list!
    I like the third point the most, I always dress up in elegant dresses and high heels, and then just look at myself in mirror.. It somehow boosts my self-confidence haha.


    1. Thank you! & yes, the dresses and heels are the first things I go to if I'm feeling bad too! x


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