3 Easy Ways To Be Eco-Friendly


River Island Tote | Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar | Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar
Like any true Aquarius, I pay a lot of attention to ways I can be more eco-friendly. Whether that's pawing through my dad's trash to scoop out the cans and bottles or swapping out baths for showers, I am very conscious about it. So today I thought I'd share three easy ways to be eco-friendly.

1. Canvas Shopper Bags.
One of the ways that everyone can be more eco friendly is by swapping out using plastic carrier bags that take up space at landfill and using these cute canvas tote bags. I found this one at River Island for £1, but most places do them including Primark and New Look and you can find some really pretty designs. I keep mine folded up in my regular bag and use it at supermarkets, when popping up the shops, when going for a big beauty haul at Boots... you name it. They're so sturdy and really do make such a difference.
2. Unpackaged Products.
Lush is the best possible example of this. Instead of buying a bottle of bubble bath, try one of their infamous bubble bars. Instead of washing your hair with a bottle of shampoo - try a shampoo bar! I've been using shampoo bars from Lush for over a year now and I don't miss shampoo at all. They froth up just as well as bottled shampoo and are great for travelling. Bubble bars are great too - I prefer them to bottled shampoo!
3. Take Up A Hobby That Doesn't Require Electricity.
This one might be difficult for some people, but I promise it's worth it. Whether it's drawing, knitting, crocheting, playing cards - taking an hour or so a day to switch off the TV and step away from your phone will make you feel much more relaxed, as well as cutting down on the use of electricity in your home. I've recently gotten into playing cards - solitare and trumps are my favourite games - and my family and I have taken to having little tournaments together. It's so much fun and I honestly don't find myself reaching for my phone at all.
So there you go! What do you think of these tips?


  1. I think it's quite important to stay eco-friendly and canvas shopper bags are a great! I have actually never heard of a shampoo bar so I might give that a go! I like drawing, it doesn't require electricity and I also think it's good for our mind to forget about all our problems for a while.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. For more information go to: http://silverspace-sylwia.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/liebster-award.html

    1. I totally agree! Definitely try out the shampoo bars, too - you'll be surprised :) x


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