Summer Reads

I'm not sure about you, but I always think of my books as 'summer' or 'winter' reads. I prefer to read the in-depth, long, fantasy books during winter and the light, fluffy, romance books during summer. Of course this isn't a direct rule, I do mix-and-match and read whatever I like, but I do tend to prefer lighter reads during the warmer months. So today I thought I'd share with you my picks for summer! I've already read all of these books (some of them multiple times) but this is the general gist of the kind of books I like to read in the summertime.

Divine By Mistake by PC Cast.
This book is a bit of an odd choice for me, but hear me out. It contains all of the fantasy elements that I love in a book - mythical creatures, centaurs, magic and royalty - whilst having a conversational tone. This book is suggested for older readers, as there is a lot of sex and swearing involved, but I think that it's a super easy read. The heroine of the tale is Shannon, a high school teacher who becomes transported to mythical land, Parthalon, only to find she has been switched with her doppelgänger and is now the ruling High Priestess.
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
The first book in the beloved Harry Potter series. I am always reading a Harry Potter book and literally never get bored of reading them. I think it's an easy choice for summer (or anytime!) as it's such an easy read, you get sucked in from the first chapter.
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
As the film made it's debut last month, this book is an essential summer read. It's conversational tone yet heart-breaking story makes it a perfect read for by the pool - beware of eye make-up - which made me laugh and cry, which is always a good thing. A story of young love that's not cliché by any standards, with a side-theme of life and death, it's honestly beautiful.
Wonder by RJ Palacio.
This is such a cute book. I whizzed through this in one day and as it's short, it's the perfect travel companion. The story features August, an eight year old boy with a severe facial disfigurement as he goes to school for the very first time. An uplifting tale that gets you thinking, it's a must-read!
The Selection by Kiera Cass.
The first book in a trilogy, The Selection is a dystopian romance novel surrounding America (a girl, not country) as she is selected to be part of a contest to become the Prince's fiancée. Embarrassing that these girls are fighting for one man's affection (something I don't agree with), but a sweet little read none-the-less.
What are your favourite summer reads?


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