25 Random Facts About Me

Here is a complimentary list of completely random and non-essential facts about me.
1. I'm really short. Like, 4' 11'' short.
2. My favourite Disney princess is Rapunzel. Ariel is my second. Elsa is my favourite queen.
3. My favourite scene from Tangled is the lanterns scene (I cried when I first watched it.)
4. My favourite band is Bastille.
5. I don't like tea, at all. I know, I know I'm supposed to be English. Sorry!
6. I absolutely adore watching rugby. My favourite teams are England (naturally) and the New Zealand All Blacks.
7. I have every single series of Greys Anatomy on DVD and have watched them more times than I can count.
8. My favourite fictional couple are Tessa and Will from The Infernal Devices.
9. I love the Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino's.
10. I love writing. I have published some short stories on a website, here. 
11. I have depression, anxiety and social anxiety.
12. I have a thing for buying pretty notebooks and then never using them.
13. My favourite book characters are Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Katniss from The Hunger Games.
14. I have every intention of learning how to speak French, but never get around to it.
15. I could spend every hour of my life playing The Sims 3.
16. My favourite song to play on Guitar Hero 3 is Cliffs Of Dover.
17. Whenever I go into an arcade, I have to have a go on the dance machine. I'm that cool.
18. I have both an Level 2 and Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy that I don't plan on ever using.
19. I am absolutely obsessed with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. 
20. My most re-read books series are the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series and the Twilight Saga. (Excuse the last one, I was a misguided teenager)
21. My favourite lipstick shade is orange.
22. My favourite flowers are pink tulips.
23. My favourite breed of dog is either a pug or a French bulldog.
24. My phone's lockscreen photo is one of the sunsets I saw whilst on holiday a few weeks ago.
25. I enjoy making to-do lists but then forget to actually check them for the things I have to do.


  1. Replies
    1. Totally! My boyfriend is a massive tea-drinker, but I can't stand it x

  2. I am so jealous that you have the sims 3! I was utterly addicted to the Sims 2!!

  3. Hey, I just came across your blog and thought I'd give it a follow!

    I love Bastille and I'm not a fan of tea either. Though I've recently been really into fruit tea and peppermint tea, have you tried those? Way better than milk tea ;)


  4. I've just been having a slight binge-read of your blog and i love it so much! I feel i can relate to a lot of it, love how Perks is your favourite book, one of mine too! Sending big hugs your way xxx


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