I Finally Watched Clannad: ~After Story~

{This post contains mild spoilers for Clannad}

It's been a while since I last dedicated an entire post to something I love - I usually save them for Favourites posts or mention them in passing on Twitter - but I've just finished another anime and I gotta talk about it. I wrote a little post in honour of Your lie in April as soon as I'd finished it (and stopped crying lolol) and I thought it seemed fitting to do the same now that I've finished the Clannad After Story. I like these little hidden pockets of geekiness on my blog, thrown in amongst the cruelty-free reviews and life musings - I'm always so content with myself after writing them and I know they're the kind of thing I love to discover on other people's blogs, too.

I've spoken a little about my thoughts and ~feels~ for Clannad in my last anime post and it's been a hot minute since I finished the season so I figured I'd jump right in with the After Story. 

Clannad After Story picks right up where Clannad finished and eased me back into the world with the usual oddities, quirky situations and crisp, dry humour I've come to expect from Tomoya and the ~gang~. The first half of the season (I'd say the first 15 eps or so) remain on the timeline already established, with Tomoya, Sunohara and the girls heading towards their senior year graduation. Life for Tomoya is seemingly the same as always, although the small & gentle romantic interactions between him and Nagisa were little lights in the dark. Tomoya really can't help but insert himself into other people's issues, amirite? As it happens, the ending of the season explains why all of his little missions are relevant and I actually really liked the idea and vibe of it, but until then I was like Tomoya come on now. He also didn't really let up with his poor self-esteem and low self-worth and made a point of telling everyone how useless he was for the entirety of the season, which I frustrated me. I was just waiting for someone to correct him and they never really did. I really liked Nagisa this season, though, and I think people overlook her because she's sweet and gentle and I've read a lot of things saying that she's weak. But I don't think she is - she's quietly brave, unfailingly kind and optimistic despite her illness and lack of confidence. There's a lot to be said for quiet bravery, especially if no one else is around to see it.
As this is an anime and apparently they're all out to get me and my emotions, I felt some feels during the After Story - much more so than the original Clannad. Maybe it's because I'm more invested in the characters now, maybe it's because they were put in much more complex and dramatic situations this time around - I'm speaking heavily for the second half of the season here gang - but I found myself smiling, laughing and crying more frequently which I liked, because I always want things to make me emotional. Isn't there just something so wistfully magical about a fictional story with fictional characters being able to make you feel such deep, raw things? I'm all about that life. The more tears the better in my opinion. Bizarrely I didn't actually cry at the two points my brother told me I would (namely at the events that take place in episodes 16, White Darkness, and 21, The End of the World respectively) but rather during episode 18, The Ends of the Earth!

Another seemingly small but important thing that was cleared up this season was the little snippets of the girl and the robot which occasionally prelude the beginning of the episode. They'd always confused me and I could never understand their relevance until the last episode and then it made sense - after me Googling it, at least. What can I say? I sometimes miss out on the subtlety of anime.

Ohhhhh, you don't know how hard it was to find GIFs and images for this post! So many spoilers! Although to be fair you only have to type 'Clannad' into Google, Pinterest and Tumblr to be overwhelmed with images of a certain lil someone~

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  1. I've just finished YLIA and I need a new Anime so I will definitely be watching this based on the GIFS you posted (I didn't read this post too much because spoilers), I'll obviously watch the first season first,thanks for the recommendation!



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