March Pound World Haul | Vegan Snacks & Homeware

I love Poundland. Or, more specifically, Pound World which happen to be two completely different shops. I shop at both and always come away with some pretty fabulous bargains, but I live near a huuuge Pound World so spending money there is a pretty regular occurrence.. ahem. This fact paired with my ambition of making What Lauren Did Today a budget-friendly blog means that I've decided to do monthly Pound Land/Pound World hauls, showcasing anything and everything I've picked up.
 I've decided to take a few more steps towards veganism this year and so of course buying vegan snacks had to play a part in this. Pound World actually has a pretty wide variety of vegan-friendly foods and snacks but on this day I decided to go for the sweet stuff. I picked up a pack of Oreos (which I've already started on...), a big bag of Starburst and a big bar of Cadbury's Bournville dark chocolate.
Perhaps my favourite aisle in Pound World is the homeware aisle. Their candle/photo frame/bedroom décor offerings are pretty rubbish but I always love their kitchen stuff. At the moment they have this adorable pastel polka dot collection of mugs, soup mugs and bowls and I couldn't resist buying a bunch of it! I couldn't decide which colour of the soup mugs and bowls I wanted so I kind of bought one of each... they have pale yellow, lilac, pale blue and baby pink. (I do have the bowl in lilac, too, but I'd eaten my cereal out of it on the morning I took these photos.) I wish they had mint green but I'm still v happy with the colours they have. My mum and I are slowly redecorating our kitchen and my mum wants a kind of Cath Kidston pastel vibe so these bowls are going to go perfectly! I couldn't resist getting a mug too, but our kitchen cupboards are exploding with mugs so I picked just the one.
Have you picked up any bargains from Pound Land or Pound World recently?


  1. I spend far too much money in poundland/world too. Some of their stuff is a bit rubbish, but other stuff is great! I love these bowls and mug, such cute colours! I'll be keeping an eye out for them next time I'm in Pound World! Although our kitchen cupboard is bursting with mugs, too, so I might have to just buy the bowls ;) x x

  2. Oh Lauren, those mugs/bowls are so cute! I don't think we have a poundworld near us I'll have to have a look into it!


  3. Starburst are vegan?! I did not know this!

  4. Oh wow those bowls are so pretty! Can't believe they were only a pound they look so much more expensive! Great post as always xx

  5. I love the bowls! I think a lot of people underestimate pound shops, and those like home bargaains/b&m. There are some great items in there sometimes! Look forward to seeing more of these posts (:


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