My Cruelty-Free Anniversary

GUESS WHAT TODAY IS? *throws eco-friendly confetti* It's my one year cruelty-free anniversary! Yep, exactly one year ago today I uploaded my first ever consciously cruelty-free blog post to What Lauren Did Today. Technically my one year anniversary was the 1st of January, as it was one of my New Years resolutions for 2015, but I feel like the 8th holds more cause for celebration as it's also my blog's cruelty-free birthday.

Becoming cruelty-free with my beauty products has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's been challenging and frustrating and even a little bit daunting, but to know that no products I own have caused even the slightest amount of pain to an animal makes it all completely worth it. I've also saved a ton of money and become more responsible with my purchases, as every product I buy only joins my collection after I've done a lot of research! Today I thought I'd reminisce over the past year and share the lessons I've learned, the products I've loved and the mistakes I've made!
Lesson One. There is a difference between a product being cruelty-free and a product being suitable for vegans.
When I first became cruelty-free, I didn't think about the ingredients of a product. I just assumed that if something was cruelty-free it meant that no harm had come to any animals in any way. Unfortunately that isn't true. A ton of cruelty-free products contain ingredients such as beeswax and carmine (which is made from insects that have been grounded up) which make them unsuitable for vegans. I make a conscious effort to avoid these ingredients when choosing my products, although of course at the beginning I made a few mistakes! It does take a lot more research, but I figure if I want a product that much then spending a few minutes checking the ingredients isn't going to bother me. Also - why would you want ground insects anywhere near you, anyway?!
Lesson Two. It is completely possible to be cruelty-free on a tiny budget.
I feel like one of the biggest misconceptions about cruelty-free beauty is that it's expensive. I'm a high-street girl through and through and I'm yet to spend more than £10 on a single cruelty-free beauty product. Of course there are the high end options (Tarte, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Nars... the list goes on) but personally I've never really been fussed by expensive make-up and skincare! Almost all of my current make-up collection is from Makeup Revolution, whose prices start at just £1, B., which is Superdrug's own make-up brand, and Barry M. For my skincare and body care I look to Superdrug and Original Source. The most indulgent cruelty-free purchases I make are from Lush!
Lesson Three. Sometimes you miss non-cruelty-free products.
And that's okay. The one thing that I'm struggling to find a decent alternative for is my favourite mascara. There are some really good options, but I like my lashes to be thick and volumised and I've noticed that a lot of cruelty-free mascaras are more lengthening than volumising. I'm using up an old Rimmel mascara at the moment and I just miss my lashes looking this good every day. Of course I'm not ever going to repurchase these mascaras, but I'm allowed to miss them. The fact that animals have suffered for these mascaras to even come onto the market is reason enough to put me off for life!
Lesson Four. There is always someone who is willing to help you.
When I first made the leap to become cruelty-free, I spent hours pouring over cruelty-free beauty blogs. Eventually I began to follow these bloggers on Twitter, then I joined in with a few cruelty-free Twitter chats. I felt very nervous interacting with these people when I was still so clueless, but everyone was so kind and helpful. They answered my confused questions and gave me product recommendations and basically welcomed me into the community with open arms! If you're looking to become cruelty-free but are feeling a bit out of your depth (like I was for the first few months), I assure you that all of the cruelty-free bloggers I know (including myself) would be willing to help in any way possible!
Here's to another cruelty-free year! If you're interested in reading any of my cruelty-free beauty blog posts, then click here. You can also find a full list of my favourite cruelty-free beauty blogs on my Blogroll.
Would you ever consider becoming cruelty-free?


  1. Happy cruelty-free birthday, Lauren! This was a lovely read, going cruelty-free was one of the best decisions I've made, too! xx


  2. Hay, great post and happy anniversary. Xx

  3. Congratulations! This is such a big milestone! I really wish I could go cruelty free but I don't know if I could give up MAC and Channel x.

  4. Belated congratulations on your cruelty free birthday! I've been cruelty free for six months now and it's the most incredible decision I have ever made :-)...getting rid of my Mac lipstics was hard and I do miss being able to join in the Mac hype but I wouldn't ever go back now!

  5. What an achievement! I'm not cruelty-free, but I'm trying to start my research and buying those products instead. I'm not a big make-up user, so what I have got is quite old and probably needs replacing anyway... Trying not to buy anything that isn't cruelty-free anyway! Gonna check some of those blogs out.


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