Daily Objects #4 | The Autumn Edition

Monday 26th October 2015
I wasn't planning on doing another Daily Objects on this certain day, but everything I ended up doing turned out to be really Autumnal so I felt it needed to be recorded! I started the morning at Luke's house - I'd stayed over on the Sunday night so that we could watch Hell in a Cell together but I kinda accidentally fell asleep. This whole clocks-going-backwards thing has totally messed up my body clock. SO I spent my morning watching the pay-per-view. I actually thought it was really disappointing and I didn't like the outcomes of any of the matches - aside from the fact that Roman Reigns won! I just feel like the whole PPV was quite drab and boring.
In the afternoon, I went for a food shop with my Dad - hence the small change in the photo! I'm in charge of the food shopping and the cooking in my house, so we took a trip to Asda and I stocked up for the next few weeks. When I got home, a little package was waiting for me: my Valley Mill soy wax melts! If you'd like to hear my thoughts on these vegan wax melts - click here! After I opened my package, I grabbed my sister, Luke and the puppy and took a trip down into the woods so I could get some leaves to use for my blog photo backgrounds. We found some really pretty ones that were such vibrant colours! I also took some photos of the woods as it was so colourful and beautiful.
After I got home I ran myself a bath to warm up (it was SO cold) and used my Yog Nog bath bomb from Lush. I took photos of it, too, so expect a review soon! It was such a lovely, warming, creamy bath and in fact, I liked it so much I might buy another one! Finally, after my bath, I settled down to read my current book of choice: New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. I must say, I'm really not enjoying this one as much as I enjoyed re-reading Twilight. I've since finished this book, read Eclipse and am finally onto Breaking Dawn!
I hope that you liked this post! I feel like it was very Autumnal. All I needed to add was a hot chocolate and a blanket and I would have definitely checked everything off of an Autumn to-do list. Other items of note are my new mittens and pom-pom keyring!

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