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Friday, 14 August 2015

The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Original Editions

I mentioned in my Charity Shop & Car Boot Sale Haul that I'd picked up this set but I was super cheeky and didn't show you what they looked like. I thought that they were so beautiful and special that they needed a post of their own and I didn't want to spoil the surprise! But, after many moments which I'm sure were full of anticipation, I present to you my original editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Aren't they beautiful? I already have all four of these books and they have covers that I think are stunning but there's just something so magical about these. Everything about them - from the colours, to the elvish font used for the titles to the dwarf symbols decorating the top and bottom... they're just so lovely.
My favourite one by far has to be The Hobbit. I love the greens and blues, and the eagles in the sky above the mountains. I love that it kind of hints at small things within the story, although the Lonely Mountain is a pretty big plot point.
I think my favourite cover from the trilogy has to be the Return of the King. I love the shadowy monster and mountain in the background. But then I also love the cover of the Two Towers with the contrasting towers and the moon and star above them.
Wow, I just used the word 'love' more times than I expected to in this post! Can't you tell that I just love them? ;) I picked up this set in a charity shop for just £6. The Two Towers has some minor damage to it but I don't really mind. I'm not a hardcore book collector or anything like that, I just wanted them because I thought they were beautiful!


  1. Lovely post! I have watched all the hobbit films so I think I should get around to reading the books! These are really beautiful though, I can't believe someone wouldn't want them x


    1. I LOVE the Hobbit & LOTR films but haven't actually read the books either! I feel so ashamed haha xx

  2. Ooh they are beautiful! The Hobbit cover is my favourite too - I love all the detail and colour.

    1. Aren't they?! And aaahh I know it's so pretty x


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